Engineer Uses Zero-Waste Farming to Make Products With All Parts of Coconuts, Earns Lakhs

In South India, most of the trees that you will see are coconut trees, did you use whole coconut without wasting anything of it? No, right? The best Part of coconut is we can use each and every one of it.

By using all of those 30-year-old Person from Bengaluru has started a company with all coconut products without wasting anything from it.

And he is earning Lakhs from it. Meet him and check out the complete story of this engineer and see what products he made using coconut and why & How he started.

Inspiring Story of Tengin Founder Madhu Kargund

Look into the Family and company background of a Tengin Founder Madhu Kargund who is 30 YO below.

  • Madhu Kargund is a person who was born and brought up in a small village Kargund located in Karnataka’s Hassan District.
  • When Madhu was a child he used to spend a lot of time under coconut trees, as his family belongs to farming.
  • He used to go to pick and gather coconuts along with his dad during weekends and summer vacations.
  • Later on, due to his studies, he went to other cities pursued an IT career, and worked as a software engineer for eight years.
  • As he grew up under the verdant canopy of coconut trees, Madhu’s life was intertwined with the rhythms of farming.
  • Due to that interest, he learned about zero-budget natural farming from the agriculturist Subash Palekar.
  • He decided to help farmers in their village as they are suffering from three fundamental challenges, that are a stable income, dwindling demand for their produce, and the shortage of opportunities for skill development.
  • That is when he got the idea to start a business in his village. When he thinks of farming in his village, if he goes and starts farming tomatoes and if he gets a good price for it. Every other farmer will start doing it, this is where every farmer is going into losses.
  • He got the idea that he thought to produce many different types of coconut products and started selling under the brand name.
  • Due to that idea, he wanted to resign from his job and started Tengin in 2017. The beginning of his venture came about while he was still working in engineering.
  • At that time, he decided to make virgin coconut oil. In 2020, he decided to quit his job completely and start the company.

How Tengin Company Works

Farmers Son Earning Lakhs From the Innovative Coconut Products

Tengin is a coconut-centric company that has headquarters in Bengaluru that makes coconut products. Go through the below points to know how this Tengin company works.

  • The Tengin brand produces coconut products like coconut chips, virgin coconut oil, Bowls made of coconut shells, and many more.
  • To prepare all these products the company uses only traditional methods.
  • In total, he has ten categories of products with a cost of Rs. 100 To Rs. 850. And he doesn’t want to open a business turnover.
  • The aim of this company is not only just selling the products, but also telling the farmer’s story who works hard.
  • He told the customers how he was getting his products how the farmers were making these products and many more.
  • He says that” by buying their products they are not only helping business but also indirectly they are helping farmers.
  • Oil was taken out by the old method, using the cold-pressed method, and the soaps, candles, and bows were handcrafted by farmers.

Future Plans of Tengin

Know the future idea of Madhu who is the founder of Tengin in the below discussion.

  • Presently the brand is available in 20 stores in Benguluru and 3 stores in Mysore.
  • Even they sell their products on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Community Farm, and Farmizen.
  • Recently he started to explore in Singapore too.
  • In the future, Madhu wants to expand and innovate new products that are made from coconut.
  • The company wants to expand and launch its products in Mumbai in the next few months.

Key Outcomes

By seeing the success story of Madhu you can know that success need not be measured by profit alone but also by the positive impact one can have on the lives of others. And he proved that farming is also one of the best earning platforms if you have innovative ideas.

Madhu also has products on online platforms, you can buy them there or he also has the Instagram page and you can order the products there.

Otherwise, you can contact Tengin at 9740330316.

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