The Importance Of Breathable Products For Skin Hygiene

The Importance Of Breathable Products For Skin Hygiene

All of us experience skin problems when using absorbent hygiene products at different stages of our lives. Unfortunately, these kinds of problems affect all generations and start even from the first days of life. Women especially tace these problems more often in the form of infection in intimate areas. A number of surveys point out to the fact that common vaginal problems affect the quality of life of 45 per cent married women. Without a doubt, the reason of contracting these infections is lack of proper hygiene, especially during periods and sexually transmitted infections during intercourse.

These infections can cause serious dangers to women – cervical cancer is ranked as the most frequent cancer in women in India with 74 Iakh of victims every year. Skin problems can also affect small babies. According to surveys, 78 per cent of mothers deal with diaper rashes. Using disposable diapers is a habit in India, but due to the cimate it is crucial to use only safe diapers with anti rash properties to protect the child and minimize the possibility of any kind of irritations and allergic reactions.

Another group of users at risk are bedridden patients and those suffering from incontinence. Persons who work at hospitals or take care of disabled patients and relatives can observe the deteriorating condition of the patient’s skin, after adult diapers have been used over a period of time.

So, what are the causes of these skin problems? First of all, it’s a lack of appropriate hygiene caused by lack of awareness or simply access to water. Other reasons for skin problems are: the climate, diet or changing of sanitary products rarely. Also, there is one more very important reason which ¡s responsible for the appearance of rashes and bedsores – the lack of air circulation which is important especially in Indian climatic conditions. Therefore, to provide the best care, sanitary napkins, baby or adult diapers have to be breathable.

Why Breathability Is Important

Our skin breathes. When you block the skin by using an unbreathable product, like foil for example, the skin finds it hard to function properly. The unbreathable foil product fails to provide air circulation, thus making the skin sweat. Consequently. due to the body temperature being high, water vapour appears and cannot escape because of the lack of air circulation. In these conditions, skin temperature and humidity increase and the ph levels in the skin become higher. This causes damage to the skin in the form of rashes, irritations and even bedsores.

How To Feel comfortable And Safe

First of all, we have to take care of our body and hygiene, use proper washing products dedicated for intimate hygiene like feminine wash or intimate wet wipes and wet wipes for baby care. Moreover, we have to use safe products that are chlorine and latex free, change absorbent products according to the manufacturer’s instructions (special wetness indicators will help you notice when the product is full). Last but not least, as it was mentioned above, the product has to be breathable to provide the best care for skin and prevent against irritations.

Nowadays, breathable products are easily available in the country. Always before buying a product look at the pack and make sure that it consists of features like air (shows that a product is breathable), chlorine-tree and latex-tree, safe for the skin etc.

Our skin is the biggest organ, so remember, inadequate care can cause serious illness.

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