The Amazing Advantages Of Aqua Yoga

The Amazing Advantages Of Aqua Yoga

Aqua or water yoga can be a, boon for people who suffer from joint pains as it becomes easier to support weight in the water. What makes water yoga special is that it can be practiced by people with fragile bone structures without the risk of injury because the natural buoyancy water offers puts less pressure on a person’s weight and offers a stress free exercise routine. This form of yoga also offers people more flexibility, range of motion and physical strength.

Some Water Yoga Positions

Cobra Pose
Stand in chest deep water, slowly arch your back while holding on to the edge of the pool until your belly touches the outer wall of the pool. This position should be repeated three to tour times.

Corpse Pose
Simply float on the water on your stomach and relax. This pose is a true stress buster that can dramatically improve your mood and blood circulation.

The natural buoyancy water offers puts less pressure on a person’s weight and offers a stress free exercise routine

Water Handstand
Those who practice traditional yoga know how hard it is to master hand standing and use it effectively during yoga sessions. This pose becomes dramatically easy when tried under water as water helps you maintain your balance. Water handstand should be initiated from a position of floating on your tummy and then you can dive in to the water to gain support from the pool floor. The position should be maintained for at least five seconds.

Boat Pose
The boat pose was originally devised to stretch the abdominal muscles and is excellent in reducing belly fat. For water yoga the idea still remains the same; while maintaining pressure on your core you need to raise up your upper body and use your legs to stay in water. This can be exceptionally difficult when trying for the first time. But at the same time, it is very rewarding when you manage to master it.

Stork Pose
A very popular traditional yoga exercise, the stork pose is meant to stabilize the mind as well as improve overall sense of balance. In water yoga, you need to stand in thigh deep water and stretch your right leg up till your big toe is facing your head and your thighs are parallel to the water. Stretch as much as you can and repeat the step with your left leg.

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