5 Common Mistakes Every Pregnant Woman Makes

5 Common Mistakes Every Pregnant Woman Makes

Pregnancy is a journey woman wishes to go through It brings joy to the parents and family and a sense of pride and completeness for the woman, in particular, you may know a 10t through your mother. relatives and even internet. But there are certain common mistakes which many women tend to make when they are pregnant. So take care and gain awareness to avoid the following common mistakes by pregnant women.

Eating For Two People

For a healthy adult, the daily calorie requirement is 1800-2000 kcals. äJt when you are pregnant, do you think you need 4000 kcals? The is no! You need only 300 kcals over and above what you have been eating earlier The diet should be balanced and divided into five to six meals over a day. It should comprise of proteins, fats. fruits. carbohydrates and minerals. Eating excessively can make you gain excessive weight which may be detrimental to your pregnancy Obesity is a risk factor for diabetes, hypertension, miscarriage, preterm labour and also may necessitate caesarean delivery if you are overweight.

Succumbing To Cravings

It’s very common to have cravings for certain food items while pregnant. but pregnancy is not an excuse to eat only food for which you crave!

Eight hours of sleep at night and two hours of rest in the afternoon is very important for a good and healthy pregnancy

You cannot eat only junk food or eat only and ice creams. Instead, you need to have a balanced nutritious diet throughout your pregnancy Sweets should be taken in moderation and green vegetables should be included in your diet, along with fruits and vitamin supplements prescribed by your doctor.

Sedentary Lifestyle Or Decreasing Activity

If you are a non-exerciser, pregnancy is not one more excuse to do nothing. Exercise helps improve blood circulation, reduces stress. and helps in your baby’s growth and development. It also prepares you for labour and delivery If you dom have any medical or obstetric risk factors and your doctor has not advised you bed rest, exercise should be incorporated in your routine, Daily routine activities are not a substitute for exercise, You Should have a separate schedule and timers for your prenatal exercises and yoga.


Once you are pregnant, avoid tßing over-the-counter medications such as antacids. paracetamol and skin creams for acne. beauty treatments should also avoided. as they some chemicals may be harmful for the baby. You should take medications which have been prescribed by your doctor and if any of those supplements or medications cause constipation or nausea which is commonly seen with iron supplements, your doctor may change them. But refrain from self- medication.

Lack Of Sleep And Rest

Adequate sleep is necessary for pregnancy and tor the growth and development of your baby in order to strike a work-life balance. women ignore this aspect and do not take adequate rest and Sleep, Eight of sleep at night and two hours of rest in the afternoon is very important for a good and healthy pregnancy. It also helps in avoiding stress and offers a good environment for the growth of your baby Less sleep can put more stress on your pregnancy and you tired. resulting in a stressed pregnancy It can also affect your health.

What To Avoid During Pregnancy

Say No To Smoking:
If you have been a smoker, this is the time to quit. It is linked to various health conditions and poses risks to the life of your unborn baby It can also cause developmental problems of the baby.

Alcohol And Caffeine Intake:
Consuming alcohol can Slow down th0 growth of the foetus which can even cause learn.ng disabilities later in the life. Caffeine consumption can cause premature birth or increased risk of several birth defects.

Beauty treatment or use of sauna should be avoided in the first three months of pregnancy As the temperature is more than that of the normal body temperature. it can hamper the proper growth of the foetus.

If you have been under medication for any condition or illnesses. this is the time to check with your doctor, as he/she can help you in analysing whether you should continue the medicine. change the dosage or avoid it completely, as it can affect the growth and development of the baby.

Although some fishes are known to improve health, some fishes may contain increased amount of mercury and other chemical substances which can be harmful for the baby So check With the doctor before you consume any kind of seafood during your pregnancy.

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