The Link Between Oral Health And Heart Health

The Link Between Oral Health And Heart Health

“During an oral infection, germs get an opportunity to flow from the mouth into the bloodstream and then travel to the vessels of the heart”

Faulty brushing and flossing may harm your healthy heart as there is a strong link between oral health and heart health. Also, it is a well- known fact that oral health is vital for overall health. Heart ailments are a serious problem and so is a faulty dental hygiene. However, an enhanced way of brushing and flossing can help you get a healthier heart.

Exploring The Connection

  • Our mouth comprises of more than 700 types of bacteria. During an oral infection, these germs get an opportunity to flow from our mouth to the bloodstream and then travel to the vessels of our heart.
  • Stomped bacteria can become the solid basis upon which fatty plaques or atherosclerosis build upon.
  • Gum infection brings with it swelling.
  • During the commencement of a gum disease, our gums become tender and germs and bacteria overtake the mouth.
  • Additionally, these dental infections are bound to trigger irritation throughout the body and intensify the threat of clot formation which in turn can block the flow of blood.
  • The definite sign of a gum disease is inflammation, while painful and inflated gums are the main symptoms.
  • These can be classified into two different types – one being gingivitis which results in tender, swollen and red gums and the other is periodontitis which results in infected bags of germy pus.
  • This advances the concern for heart snags. People with a mild or severe gum disease experience an increase in C-reactive protein (CRP) level a protein that increases during inflammation of the entire body and is used to measure a person’s threat of a heart attack.
  • Gums being very vascular are full of blood vessels and the mouth is tilled with bacteria. If the layer of the gums are disrupted even a bit, all the bacteria will flow into the bloodstream which has the potential to travel anywhere triggering inflammation throughout the body.

Health Tip

Paying attention to your dental health and hygiene may pay you back with not just a radiant smile but with a healthy heart too!

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