Jaw pain: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

All You Need To Know About Jaw Pain

There are many reasons for jaw pain and of the most common reason is an imbalance in one’s oral architecture. Imbalances define wrongly placed teeth which are not positioned where they are supposed to be naturally. If our teeth placement is out of the natural order it results in jaw pain but the seventy of pain depends upon the degree of extension of the unnatural order.

Some of the causes of jaw pain are variations of one’s oral architecture or any imbalance, faulty procedure in the mouth, arthritis, stress and posture. An imbalance in a person’s oral architecture can affect the entire body.

Even the posture of one’s body can turn out to be a reason for jaw pain and vice versa. Jaw pain can also lead to a state of spondylitis. Cervical collar too, is more or less related to jaw pain. And body pain too, a certain extent can also be linked to chronic TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and TMJ can lead to other problems like migraine or headache.


  • Severe pain in the jaw.
  • Headache when you wake up in the morning.
  • Jaw pain linked to ear pain.
  • Locking of the jaw – this is a matter of concern that needs urgent medical intervention.

Diagnosis And Causes
If you experience any symptoms related to jaw pain, it should be immediately brought to your doctor’s attention. Diagnosis is important because only it it is diagnosed at the right time, the treatment can be carried out. The moment it is left undiagnosed. it can trigger problems like TMJ (temporomandibular joint). Once diagnosed with the help of neuromuscular dentistry, the root cause of the pain will be identified and a treatment plan will be made accordingly. Neuromuscular dentistry can provide all the information and details regarding the occurrence, root cause arid source of the happening.

Improper crowning of the teeth can also lead to the problem Also, though it’s not a sole reason, weather conditions can have its effect on jaw pain. especially during the winter when it gets aggravated. It also may be more painful it the jaw pain is not treated earlier.

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Types Of Foods To Avoid

  • Foods that put lot of pressure on the jaws like chewing gum should be avoided while suffering from pain.
  • Liquid drinks can be continued as it does not affect the TMJ in any manner,
  • Food should not be necessarily avoided but emphasizing on the treatment should be prioritised.
  • Initially, one should avoid eating foods that are highly chewy, or those food stuffs that requires a lot of pressure to chew.
  • It would be wise not to put pressure on your teeth even it you undergo treatment, because that would hamper healing.

Jaw Pain And Age
Jaw pain can affect anyone aged between 18-50 years or beyond. There is no age constraint because it’s the cause of the jaw pain itself that strikes it. For example, if an adult is suffering with a jaw problem for his faulty oral architecture that is genetic and he is careless about it, then it will result in a situation that is more hazardous and painful. Stress. arthritis and grinding of the teeth are some of the problems that can arise. The more you ignore it, or the more it is left untreated, the more severe it gets.

Keeping Jaw Pain At Bay

  • Treatment can be of the existing teeth, treatment of faulty procedures, treating of posture and maintenance protocol, post the treatment.
  • Maintenance protocol comprises of avoidance of certain things, for instance, regular follow-up is one of the key recommendations.

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