The Many Benefits Of Molasses

The Many Benefits Of Molasses

Molasses is the by-product created when sugar is extracted from sugarcane or sugar beets. It is a dark, viscous substance and is known for its highly nutritive properties. Blackstrap molasses (when the molasses is boiled for a third time) has the lowest sugar content and is rich in manganese, calcium, iron, potassium, copper and vitamin B6.

Today, molasses has come into the limelight for all these reasons. The umpteen benefits are being identified and recognized, making molasses the newest addition to the list of ingredients that are good for health. Here are some of the many ways in which molasses can benefit your health.

Reduces Oxidative Damage

Molasses has the highest amount of antioxidants in comparison to refined sugar. raw cane sugar and other sweetening agents. These antioxidants fight oxidative stress in the body which is often associated with cancer, cardiovascular or degenerative diseases.

Beneficial During Menstruation

Molasses is a good source of iron, which makes it a very valuable ingredient for menstruating women. Due to the blood loss, women may be at risk of iron deficiency and molasses can help combat this problem. Molasses is also full of minerals like magnesium and calcium which prevents clotting of blood, relieve from menstrual cramps and also helps maintain good health of the uterine muscles.

Helps Manage Weight

The antioxidant effects of the polyphenols present in molasses are very helpful in managing weight gain and obesity. Studies have shown that molasses reduces the absorption of calories, thus helping lower body weight and fat content.

Improves Sexual Health

Molasses contains large amounts of the minerals and manganese, which allows for the healthy production of sex hormones as a deficiency of manganese can often lead to infertility. It also helps improve the functioning of the nervous system and boosts production of energy from the proteins and carbohydrates in the body, thus overall improving sexual health.

Heals The Body And Organs

Due to its high content of minerals, molasses acts as a healing ingredient. From the growth of healthy tissue to the treatment of wounds and injuries, molasses can really help to heal the body from the inside out. For all these reasons, molasses is being praised as a much better alternative to other forms of sweeteners, particularly the processed ones such as refined sugars.

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