Let Aloe Vera Take Care Of Your Hair During Winters

Let Aloe Vera Take Care Of Your Hair During Winters

“Aloe vera is also popular for its moisturizing benefits, ideal for a cold environment and has been used in various hair products, especially to treat dry hair and hair growth problems”

The onset of the winter season most definitely sets you on a shopping spree for warm woollen clothing to stay protected. You may also indulge in numerous skin creams to avoid skin tears and rashes. However, you may almost never prepare or invest in keeping your hair healthy and thus, your crowning glory is often neglected. Nevertheless, it should be known that your hair too needs special care during the winter months.

We all have routines when it comes to keeping our hair healthy. But hair care routines differ, depending on one’s culture and physical characteristics. So, you may have an oil massage and leave it overnight, then shampoo and condition your hair to retain its lustre. However, this effective yet usual treatment, doesn’t suffice during extreme climatic conditions and hence, we need to do more to avoid permanent hair damage, as in cold weather, hair tends to wither and requires better care and nourishment.

History Of Conditioning

Natural botanical ingredients have been used for centuries to retain healthy hair. And ingredients such as oils, powders, teas and other concoctions are used in different parts of the world – their use being subjective to the weather, flora and fauna of the region. For instance, Indians used mustard oil and taramira (jamba) oil for deep conditioning effects. In ancient Egypt, women used creams to moisturize their hair and prevent sun damage while in China, women used seeds from the Chinese cedar tree to make a hair conditioning rinse.

Today, people continue to use chemical ingredients as well as natural botanical ingredients. such as jojoba, olive, amla, bhringraj, brahmi, argan, aloe vera etc. to benefit their hair. Nonetheless, one of the best in this list without a doubt is the aloe vera plant, due to its exceptional healing properties.

Aloe Vera As A Conditioner

Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant that grows well in tropical and subtropical regions and has been known for its advantages for centuries. A large number of health products are made from aloe vera such as skin creams, soaps, oils, gels and much more. On the other hand, eating aloe vera offers cure from the inside as well.

This plant is also popular for its moisturizing benefits, ideal for a cold environment and has been used in various hair products especially to treat dry hair and hair growth problems. It has a good combination of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that reduces dandruff as well. Thus, a couple of days of aloe vera usage shows a dear improvement over traditional conditioners. It also has with long lasting effects.

Aloe vera helps in maintaining the sheen of the hair and prevents excessive grease build-up. It also has exceptional qualities that prevent damage from chemically strong styling products. Additionally, aloe vera gel mixed with powdered harmful hair dyes can reduce the damage these dyes cause to the hair and thus it is a good solution for those who frequently change their hair colour. So, during these winter months, it is advisable to invest in a few good quality aloe vera products and start using them on your hair to keep it naturally healthy and strong and to also prevent the damage to your hair, caused by this season.

Vital Winter Hair Care Tips

  • Use good quality shampoos and conditioners, preferably infused with aloe vera, as it moisturises the hair well
  • Use argan oil for the cold spells, as it instantly moisturises the hair.
  • Use the correct oil type suitable for your scalp and hair and ask your stylist’s advice for the same
  • Use an anti-heat spray to avoid damage from heated hair appliances
  • Trimming the low dry ends is effective in maintaining hair health
  • Use a hair mask on a weekly basis and try leaving it overnight, if possible
  • Dry your hair with a towel to mop up the excess water
  • Use lukewarm water for washing your hair, Then, pour cold water as a last measure to seal the open hair cuticles to prevent dryness
  • Don’t use shampoos which are infused with sulphate, as this chemical strips the hair of its natural colour, leaving it dull and dry
  • In winters, the scalp dries out quickly, becoming Itchy and flaky.
  • Using a good quality argan oil brand helps in combatting this issue.
  • Apply the oil on the hair and blow dry it on a medium setting to retain the sheen
  • A medicated shampoo infused with salicylic acid is highly recommended if a lot of flakiness is experienced

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