Fuel Up With These Protein Powders

Fuel Up With These Protein Powders

Those involved in muscle building and keen about building a good body, may be aware about the intake of protein powder and its ability to tone, build and grow muscles. Along with regular exercise, a scoop of protein powder is recommended for body builders but there are different varieties of protein powder and one needs to know which one would be best.

“All the protein powders are not the same and their Intake solely depends upon health goals and dietary restrictions one follows.” In addition to this, the body’s ability to absorb protein also determines which powder would be the best. Listed here are some protein powders and their usefulness. Take your pick.

Whey Protein

Whey is sourced from cow’s milk and is regarded as the best protein source. The presence of all nine essential amino acids makes it an incredible protein because the body is not capable of producing all of it. Whey protein gets absorbed in the blood stream very quickly and the presence of leucine, the most important amino acid that powers the muscles, raises the value of whey protein. So, you can rely on whey protein powder for building your muscles, but make sure to have it within an hour of finishing your exercise.

Pea Protein

Pea protein is another plant based, highly digestible protein derived from yellow peas. It can be used as a good alternative to dairy and soy protein for those with a sensitive stomach. To compensate for two amino acids, pair it with other plant based proteins like hemp or rice.

Egg White Protein

As the name suggests, egg white protein is, the dried white portion of eggs that have been turned into powder. And though the body absorbs it faster than casein, it is absorbed at a slower rate than whey. This powder can be used as a good meal replacement in the form of a smoothie and especially, if you are allergic to dairy products or simply don’t like it.

Casein Protein

This type of protein is not that effective for your muscles as compared to whey, but you can still have it if you wish to blend it with whey protein. A post workout shake made with whey and casein protein is best for optimal results. Also, a smoothie of casein protein will make you feel fuller for a longer time and hence it is a good option for meal replacements.

Soy Protein

This is a plant based protein that you can opt for, to meet your dietary protein need, In addition to building muscle, the presence of glutamine and arginine makes it good for immune function, brain and digestive health.

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