While On Vacation Adhere To These Vastu Energizers For An Enjoyable Time!

While On Vacation Adhere To These Vastu Energizers For An Enjoyable Time!

The best way to utilize the summer vacations is by touring, travelling, sightseeing, visiting nearer and dear ones etc. Certainly such tours and travelling may be more delightful, if you are accompanied by positive vibes and liveliness, which costs nothing, of course, Hence, here are some step by step vastu guidelines before taking oft on a vacation and which may be useful to all, even if followed at places, other than your own home.

Prevent Negativity Before Leaving Your Home

So as to ensure that in your absence, no negativity will enter or stay in your home, initiate the following few tips:

  • De-clutter every room, cupboard, showcases, pooja place and open courtyards
  • Do not leave your home in a chaotic condition or in a hurry and manage it systematically before fastening up your tour luggage
  • Don’t forget to put on a very low wattage LED bulb in the lobby, as it will keep the life energy in your absence, alive
  • Place some sea salt in the living room and bedrooms in small saucers, as this will keep on filtering the negativity (if any) enters
  • Properly water all the plants, so that they may stay alive and preserve the positive vibes

Vastu Energizers While Travelling

Here is a precise list of tiny vastu energizers for you to keep in your touring briefcase.

A Directional Magnetic Compass

This may be helpful for locating directions while staying in a hotel or similar places. You may also use the mobile application of a directional compass. If you are in the northern hemisphere, avoid putting your head in the north direction, while sleeping. On the contrary if you are staying in the southern hemisphere like Australia, South Africa, Mauritius or similar countries/ continents, avoid pointing your head in the southern direction.

A Small Quartz Crystal In A Ball Or Pencil Shape

This should be kept in your pocket while on move and near the head side, while sleeping. It bestows positive energy.

One-Inch Amethyst Pyramid

Keep it under your pillow while sleeping as it helps promote sound sleep and averts bad dreams.

Room Spray Perfume In Lavender Or Mogra Essence

Spray it every evening in the room in which you will be staying, for relaxed positive vibes and mental peace after the whole days hectic excursions.

A Small Sailing Boat Artifact/Showpiece

This is believed to be helpful in enjoying visits to multiple places, worth visiting. This very small showpiece may be decorated on your study table located in the bedroom. However, do not forget to pick it up and pack it with your luggage before leaving.

One Small Citrine Stone

We tend to sometimes get extravagant on vacations. But keeping a small piece of citrine stone in your purse, will help slow down the outflow of your money.

Keep Only Bright Coloured Towels In Your Luggage

Your towels play a vital role in managing human aura energy. Using bright coloured towels may elevate the mood and help keep you up the whole day. Similarly, using them in the evening after a bath may also help balance your energy. Thus, avoid using dull coloured towels while on tours.

Precautions While On The Move

  • Select A Positive Room : Choose a room opening towards some pleasant scenic beauty as this may prove to be the biggest positive factor, contributing to relaxation from a routine mechanized lifestyle.
  • Manage Used And Unused Garments : While travelling, keep used clothes separate, as they may circulate tiring vibes to the new! unused garments.
  • Avoid Sleeping Below Beams : Carefully check the ceilings of the room you will be staying in. If there is any hanging beam, do not sleep below it. In modem hotels, such beams may be concealed with false ceilings, which may moderate the negativity of such negative objects, up to a satisfactory level.
  • Stop Electro-Magnetic Radiations : Switch oft all electronic gadgets before going to sleep.

On Arriving Back Home

  • Open all doors and windows of the house to let in enough light, fresh air and of course, the sunrays.
  • Doing this will definitely bring back the life energy into the house very quickly. Also, run all the exhaust fans of the house for a few hours.
  • Cleanse the entire house to recreate positive vibes, by wiping the whole house’s floors with sea-salt water.
  • Mix about two tablespoons lull of sea salt in one bucket of water.
  • Play some religious tune in the lobby for a couple of hours to do away with stagnated energy.
  • Spray the entrance, drawing room and all bedrooms with sandalwood or rose essence as these two essences help to re-form refreshing pleasant energy promptly.
  • Keep the central zone of the house that is the lobby, lit for a minimum of six hours to boost up the Bramha Sthana vibes more swiftly.

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