Stop making these 10 Whatsapp Mistakes Right Now

Whatsapp may appear like any other chat application but with time it has grown up into a social media platform itself. It can do too many things like sharing status messages, group calls and many more. There is no concept of sending friend requests in Whatsapp and everyone on your contact list can find you on Whatsapp this is what makes this chatting application a bit complicated. We have listed 10 mistakes that you need to stop making in Whatsapp right now.

1.  Don’t make the mistake of running whatsapp using someone else’s name as it qualifies for impersonation and a crime.

Avoid using someone else’s name with your account and it comes under impersonation. This can cause you damage and it is a crime.

2. Try avoiding welcoming everyone to your Whatsapp Account and delete irrelevant people from your contact list or block them.

Take some time to clear your contact list or delete the numbers of people you are longer in touch with. If you feel their numbers are useful at some point of time at least block their numbers on whatsapp. I think there is hardly any meaning for your maid or landlord whom you have known five years to find you on whatsapp.

3. Make sure your Whatsapp profile photo doesn’t reveal too much about you.

It’s better to keep a simple profile photo. Make sure your profile photo doesn’t reveal too much about you or your family members. This is important as your entire contact list people can see your Profile Photo. There are three privacy options in this chatting option namely Everyone, My Contacts, No One.

If you set the Option as Everyone all whatsapp users can see your profile photo. if you select it to My Contacts your contact list people can see your profile photo. Setting Nobody Option is as good as not keeping any profile photo. However, there is no option in this chatting application to hide it from selected contacts.

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4. Don’t forget to add two-step verification pin to secure your account

Doing two-step verification prevents you from being a victim of swim swap fraud. By doing so, others can’t set up your whatsapp account on another phone by stealing OPT from you. Visit Settings and add two-step verification so that it prevents someone else from locking you out and using your whatsapp account without your acknowledgment.

5. Don’t Share your Status Messages Publicly with Everyone

Status Messages are private which we share with friends and family members and not everyone. Make sure you use the privacy settings properly and filter out the unnecessary people from seeing your status messages.

6. Restrict people to add you to Whatsapp Groups

Whatsapp provides you an option to restrict who can add you to group chats. The Privacy Settings usually are Everyone(Anyone can add you to a whatsapp group), My Contacts(People in contact list can add), My Contacts Except(It lets you select who can add you to a group). I think it’s always a good idea to not allow any random person to add you to any group chat.

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7. Disable the Option that automatically adds all Whatsapp Media Files in Phone Gallery

This is a critical setting you need to be careful of. Do remember all the Whatsapp Photos you save will consume space in your Phone’s Internal Storage when you save them in Photo Gallery. Since you don’t want those silly good morning quotes appearing your photo gallery disable the option in Settings.

8. Disable Auto Back Ups in iCloud or Google Drive. Instead of Chat Backups, Export Specific Chats

Usually, Whatsapp Chat backups in iCloud or Google Drive is not encrypted.  If you feel some chat is important or needs to be saved try saving it somewhere else. Backing up complete data will kill up space in internal storage and is of little use.

9. Don’t Share Porn Clips or Hidden Video Clips of People on Whatsapp as it can land you in Jail

Sharing Porn Clips or Video Clips of People across Whatsapp is cybercrime and you can land in trouble if you do so. You can even be in Jail for doing so better to avoid doing such things.

10. Don’t Spread Rumours, Hate Messages on Sensitive Topics across Whatsapp unless you want to get arrested

Police People have all the authority to dig out your Whatsapp Chats to know whether you had a role in spreading fake news to promote violence. Unless you want to land in trouble don’t spread unverified news or fake messages on sensitive topics.

I hope you are aware of which mistakes not to commit while using your Whatsapp after going through this article. In case of any further help needed regarding Whatsapp and its security issues feel to contact us. We will try our best to help you out. Bookmark our site Versionweekly to avail more information on Whatsapp New Updates.

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