Detox With These Wonderful Spa Therapies

Detox With These Wonderful Spa Therapies

Comprehensive detox spa therapies not only help you achieve optimum energy levels but also help you shed unwanted flab

There is an increasing amount of toxicity in the environment and pollution levels are having an adverse effect the health of all and even though you may consume the best detox and alkaline diet to reverse the ill effects of harm caused to your body. unwanted health hazards can remain inside your body and on the surface of your skin and hair too!

Detox body spa and skin therapies help cleanse the toxins and cells that are lodged within your skin. These toxins increase the risk of stress, fatigue. and body aches with intestinal complications. And if ignored. these problems can turn chronic, leading to serious health issues.

Invigorating And Rejuvenating

Detox therapies not only help you cleanse your Skin from inside, but also help you remove dead skin, detox your lymphatic system and also relax your muscles. Beside. detox spa therapies are a great way to push water weight and toxins out of your body, ease aches and increase energy as well. Thus. this therapy also improves mental clarity, as you will feel more relaxed.

Comprehensive detox spa therapies not only help you achieve optimum energy levels but also help you shed unwanted flab. These therapies are quick and result oriented. Lymphatic drainage massage is one such therapeutic spa service that helps boost circulation and flushes out trapped water and harmful toxins from inside your body, through your lymphatic system, This process involves soft and gentle movements on your face, neck and your entire body.

Six Wonderful Detox Therapies

At a time when the harmful effects of environmental pollution is at its peak, detox spa therapies provide some much-needed respite. These spa therapies work like a calming balm and are extremely popular, because are the best!

Ayurvedic Panchkarma
This is most effective Ayurveda spa therapy for the body plagued with impurities and chemical toxicity. It has the power to cure chronic problems that affect the digestive system. bowels. lungs, blood vessels, and nervous system. This therapy provides strength to your muscles and joints. Panchkarma also improves your appetite. During this detox therapy, a full body is performed utilizing medicated herbal oil that penetrates skin and nourishes your nervous system.

Seaweed And Sea Salt Bath
For those who lead a busy lifestyle, this therapy is the most simple and quick way to detox and enrich your skin. It also comes as a DIY process since it is simple and works towards enriching your Skin With minerals and flushing out the toxins.

You can do this at home by Simply filling your bathing tub with seaweed extracts or sea salt. Let it soak in the water overnight and take a bath With the water the following day, to feel much more energized Seaweed also works wonders in eliminating toxins.

Just prepare a warm paste of seaweed comprising of essential oils and apply it over your body. Wrap yourself up so that you sweat and so that your skin can eliminate impurities.

Salt Scrub Therapy
This is an effective therapy useful in detoxifying. It also helps in maintaining weight goals. The therapy is followed by a sauna or steam bath that makes your body sweat out the toxins with the heat generated. Sweating also boosts circulation and helps in relaxing tired muscles.

Mineral Mud Treatment
This therapy is performed using a blend of oil and water. The blend is applied as a heat pack, which works as a skin detox. It also proves to be excellent for skin tightening and is a one-hour long process. These detoxifying body wraps are efficient therapies for improving circulatory function of your body.

Chocolate And Coffee Detox
The coffee and chocolate wrap is made from pure extracts, minerals, botanicals, and essential oils. It combats occurrence of varicose veins by increasing blood flow. Caffeine also cleanses your skin and reduces cellulite. Added With cocoa bean and chocolate, the paste is gently applied all over your body.

This nourishing, antioxidant paste softens the skin. Cocoa has glycerides which provide moisture to the skin, while making it toned and firm and the antioxidants work to protect your skin cells from damage. The theobromine compound present in chocolate further stimulates your circulatory system and provides a slimming effect.

Coco Peppermint Spa
The sweet and calming scents of peppermint, coconut and lime is clubbed together to draw out the toxins. A deep massage with essential oils and a pack made with aloe vera and glycerine provides moisture and hydration to your skin. It also awakens your senses and renews dull and tired skin. This therapy also combats inflammation.

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