Virtual Vs Reality

Virtual Vs Reality

Globally ranking third in internet population, India could be the perfect host to study the growth and effects of the newly arising epidemic called internet addiction, Internet addiction disorder (lAD) is a fairly new addition to the list of new-age disorders which shows an excessive addiction to the internet world.

Disturbingly, a parallel culture that sugar-coats this internet craving as an everyday need is finding acceptance and popularity among users. For example, trendsetting memes lightly portray the amount of productive time that is wasted online and is ironically, also catered to a mass audience who subscribes to it.

The internet has become our odd-hour friend, agony aunt, private university, self-publicity agent and a receiver for all our thoughts. And to an extent, it was always likely that such an addiction would develop, because even our mothers can’t consistently feign interest over all our self les and the pictures of fancy food we eat.

Signs You’re Addicted

  • Preferring virtual interactions over real life conversations
  • Prolonging set time periods of internet usage followed by a marked sense of dissatisfaction on disconnection.
  • Preoccupation with your virtual identity (the urge to go back and see if something happened when you went offline).
  • Personality alterations; lying about the hours, change in sleep cycles or a compulsive over indulgence in activities such as games and e-commerce.
  • Choosing the internet over your job, significant other/families and other deadlines.

Even if you may have been completely oblivious to the subtle wearing out of your mouse’s scroll button or the gradual disappearing of the letters on your keyboard, could you have perhaps overlooked other hints your body might have left you? It could range from unsuspecting symptoms such as dry eyes, backaches and headaches, to blaring ones like disrupted sleep cycles and camal tunnel syndrome.

Measures To Unplug

While a majority of us are consciously in denial, there is still hope for those who want to change and to unplug themselves. Mentioned here are sorne tips that should protect you from spending too much time online.

Get A Life

Give up the fantasy notion that the internet is the answer to all your prayers and let the internet be that place where you pay your utility bills and other stuff that actually helps you in making your life better. Invest your time in a hobby, something that would keep you occupied. Pick up your phone and ring up that old friend, you’ve been wanting to meet.

Be Your Own Shrink

Sometimes, there could be an underlying reason that aggravates your urge to find solace on the internet. Anxiety, depression. or just feeling lonely might be the villain in your life, If that is the case, upgrade to version 2.0 of you, fixing the bug that keeps you stuck to the screen.

Draw The Line

For smartphones. we have in-built data controlling apps which we constantly override to teed our addiction. For others, there are personal limits that you could try to keep. Get a volunteer who would monitor your progress, and if you aren’t making any, let him/her change the Wi-Fl password.

Trash Your Old Accounts

Understand that you could do without old reminders/outdated notifications 1h at continue to exist like an old sock which you no longer use, but you refuse to trash. Gel rid of it!

While it might come as a surprise to you, internet addiction may come with withdrawal symptoms as well. Welcome all the disruptions that comes your way while you’re taking a break. You might just discover a new expeñence.

In your struggle to detangle yourself from the internet, the following two points might help you. One, social awkwardness is not a by-product of an internet-less life. And two, having a popular. tailored identity on the virtual realm wouldn’t come handy if you’re being chased by an elephant. It’s all about figuring out where you want to exist.

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