Vastu Tips To Welcome The Warms Summer Months

Vastu Tips To Welcome The Warms Summer Months

“Sprinkling some water in the morning and evening hours around the house will not only increase positivity but will also keep down dust particles”

The summer season is associated with hot weather, long days and tiresome feelings. Every season is special in its own way but certainly the output of the day during the summers is far better than the winters. However, sweat may aggravate and spoil your mood. On the brighter side, the evenings and nights are pleasant after the hot daytime.

During the winter season, you welcome the light and sunrays during the day and close your doors and windows tight at night. Accordingly, during the summer season you should now reverse the system of receiving light, sunrays, air and other natural energies, since Vastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature. The ancient art of positioning and placement is concerned with softening hard vibes and enhancing positivity. Hence, supporting the description mentioned above, here are a few practical points and tips which may seem very insignificant, but which will be extremely helpful in enhancing positive vibrations.

How To Enhance Positive Vibrations

  • Grow maximum aromatic plants in the courtyard so that the echo becomes pleasant and oxygen level goes up.
  • Money plants, bamboo and mint are considered positive plants according to Vastu
  • Growing black Ficus plants in the southern and western portico, open space or balconies may be more helpful to get rid of excessive heat called negative vibes in summer
  • Use less transparent shields in the southern windows like extended sheds, green sheets or dense creepers etc.
  • Cover heavy or dense curtains on the windowpanes on the southern side of the house and spread during the severe hot afternoon hours
  • Let all the plants and trees grow dense around the house and workplace, but avoid using cactus plants inside the house as this may invite prickly negative energies
  • Try to maintain the plants and trees of east, north and north-east directions as low as possible. On the contrary, the plants and trees in the west and south directions should be high, heavy and dense
  • Avoid growing plants with red and orange leaves, flowers and buds etc. in the balconies of east and north directions.
  • However, white, yellow, blue and purple flowers are positive in these directions, especially in the summer season
  • In order to keep fit, balancing the seven chakras (the seven energy centres in the human body) is very essential during the summers.
  • To balance energy it is good to use black basil leaves in home beverages. The other body energy cleanser is mint.
  • This may be added to few of the daily cold beverages consumed as it is an inexpensive holistic method that may help in detoxifying the whole body and rejuvenating the positive inner self.
  • The human aura may be adversely affected due to excessive hot weather and sweat.
  • Thus, to keep the body-energy well balanced you should use maximum water and liquids as these are called the ‘cleansers’ in Aura Vastu.
  • Use a tiny beautiful water fountain or fish aquarium in the north-east direction of your home or office. This will soothe hard vibes entering the building
  • Sprinkling some water in the morning and evening hours around the house will not only increase positivity but will also keep down dust particles. This may also help in maintaining optimistic vibes in the dwelling area
  • Avoid using excessive artificial means of cooling like air conditioners.
  • To overcome suffocation, make it a practice to open all the doors and windows for some time at dawn and dusk as this will help to receive fresh air and may also decongest the internal vibrations
  • Use soothing lights in the house. Blue, green, white and yellow are relaxing positive lights according to Vedic Vastu
  • Use lavender, jasmine or rose fragrance room sprays in the bedrooms during summer evenings as it enhances positivity and helps promote sound sleep
  • If you are planning to repaint the rooms, it is Vastu-friendly to select white, light blue, green, cream and light yellow tints for the walls.
  • However, purple is also a positive colour preferred by children, especially girls. But never use too dark colours on the walls in the summer
  • Try to keep all the toilets clean, cool and airy by using exhaust fans every time you use it. Keep the toilet door closed and also the lid of the wet-closet shut
  • Wiping the floor every day with a pinch of sea salt mixed in the mopping water, brings positivity in the house, it also keeps the interiors fresh and promotes a pleasant mood
  • To keep your temperament calm and quiet, use a car freshener with a lime fragrance in your vehicles like cars or other commercial vehicles.
  • This may keep tempers in control and also remove the negativities causing unnecessary uneasiness due to the hot weather, road conditions, delays or road jams

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