Unnao Rape Case: Delhi Court Confirms Punishment For Accused Kuldeep Sengar

New Delhi: A Delhi court today sentenced Expelled BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar to life imprisonment after he was convicted in the rape case across the country. It also ordered the victim’s family to pay Rs 25 lakh. Kuldeep Sengar was convicted in the case four days ago.

In 2017, local MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar was raped when a minor girl went to work in the city. Even then, some of her expressions kidnapped her and repeatedly raped her. The MLA then attacked the victim’s family with his strength and force. Her father was severely wounded and was arrested on a charge of illegal weapons. He died in a suspicious condition while in police custody. Suicide attempted in front of Siem’s ​​home by the victim of a severe emotional outburst as she and her family were severely hurt. The case was later transferred to the CBI. The arrest of MLA Kuldeep Singh, who is facing criminal charges, did not hurt the victim. She was traveling in a car and collided with a lorry. Two of her relatives were killed in the crash;

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