Valentine Week 2020: Health Vows You Must Take As A Couple

This Valentine’s Day Make A Vow!

February as we all know is popularly known as the month of love and it is indeed, because of Valentine’s Day, celebrated across the world. There are many legends associated with this day. However, the most popular legend has been that of Saint Valentine who was imprisoned ¡n the Roman jail of Asterius.

It is said that St. Valentine miraculously healed Julia, the blind daughter of the jailer Asterius and sanctified her with vision. Just before his execution, he wrote a card addressed to Julia, believed to be the first valentine card and signed oft as, ‘Your Valentine.’ Post his death, Julia planted a pink blossomed almond tree, besides St. Valentine’s grave and this continues to be a symbol of love and friendship.

Another story states that St. Valentine once defied the harsh law put across by Emperor Claudius 2 of Rome. The law stated that no soldier could be allowed to marry, as single men made better soldiers. Realizing the injustice involved, St. Valentine secretly performed marriages of young soldiers in love. When his actions were discovered, he was sentenced to death.

The above mentioned stories are legends, but that one particular incident that marked the Inception of this romantic day is shrouded with mystery. However, most stories that have been around for many years, definitely highlight common feelings – the feelings of love, care, empathy, compassion, heroism, joy and happiness.

The Day Of Love

For a few of us, 14th February helps us reminisce the golden memories we may have spent together with our respective partners. We often find the man coming home early with red flowers and chocolates. The woman picks the right place to dine. Gifts are exchanged, vows are taken again and promises are re-made. Positivity in a relationship is re-built and the mood is of love and romance. There is happiness and the whole atmosphere feels blissful. Some of us experience an unusual realization of ‘I have been married since the past 15-20 years and oh! yes, I am (still) in love!

Today’s Bitter Truth

Vows are forgotten and promises are broken soon after midnight. The next is again a regular day. Love is outdated and care is nagging. Irritation on waking up late and throwing the blame on yesterday’s late dinner. Forgotten files and incomplete presentations at work happen, a sigh at the site of regular lunch and wishing for a biryani.

Stress increases, headaches begin, trains are late and traffic is high, completely frustrated on reaching home, wife complains, kids blabber, being annoyed by now, we throw a few tantrums or best, prefer sitting mum, head to the room and doze off. And tomorrow would be no different…

We have become materialistic, too inclined towards money, power and fame, If we ask each other what our respective goals or aims in life are, the answers you hear sound something like this: becoming the corporate head, getting a job abroad, becoming an actor, or becoming an engineer. Very few would actually say, to become a loving husband/wife!

Love Is All We Need

We might think, this is too old school and inappropriate for a world like today. But this is in fact, the need of the hour – to be successful yes, but by prioritizing love and relationships. We might not believe that such a scenario like this is possible, but there are those few individuals who aim to be great husbands/wives, who rightly believe in love and companionship to be the sole factor towards happiness and contentment.

A Promise Of A Lifetime

This Valentine’s Day, make a vow. A vow that promises love, that promises care. A vow, that requires no 14th February. A vow that – ‘we shall love and we shall consciously care not today but every day.’

To love care and happiness always…

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