Don’t Compromise On Taste To Eat Healthy

Don’t Compromise On Taste To Eat Healthy

Potato chips, French fries, fish fingers, and fried chicken, certainly tops the list of the most loved fried foods we crave all the time! There’s an amazing relationship we all share with comfort foods and especially foods that are soaked in oil! But no matter how good these foods taste, we all know that fried foods have very little health benefits.

Risks Of Eating Fried Foods Regularly

Oils used for deep frying are generally high in omega 6, saturated fats, or trans fatty acids and are not recommended, as the health risks associated with these foods are quite high.

Consuming fried food regularly is linked to an increased risk of dreadful diseases such as cardiovascular problems, hypertension, obesity, as well as gaining excess amount of weight during the months of pregnancy.

A recent study has found that those who consumed fried foods more than four times a week had a 37 per cent higher risk of gaining weight, or becoming obese than the ones who consumed it less than twice a week. This proves how important it is to consider the medium — which is the kind of oil the food is cooked in.

However, this does not mean that you have to abandon fried foods completely from your daily routine, for you can always opt to cook your food by grilling, roasting or shallow frying to minimize the oil consumption for a recipe that requires deep frying. Also, nowadays we have modern appliances which make use of advanced technology to help reduce the amount of saturated fats one usually consumes when eating fried foods.

Make Unhealthy Food Healthy!

Based on a unique technology, air fryers blow superheated air to cook foods that are conventionally dunked in oil. From classic fish and chips, chicken nuggets to burgers and brownies, meals can be prepared quickly, with the same texture and taste. You can also toast, roast or even bake in an air fryer. For instance, in just 10-15 mins you can make a batch of French fries, using half a spoon of oil or none at all, with the help of the hot air that creates a golden, crispy surface.

With the use of this appliance, the consumption of oil goes down by at least 80 per cent. Besides using less oil, air frying considerably reduces moisture without compromising much on the taste. So it’s time to relish a platter of chicken wings, kebabs, and nuggets and not worry about eating unhealthy!

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