Things Your Kids Should Be Allowed To Do!

Things Your Kids Should Be Allowed To Do!

While most parents reminisce about playing in the rain or sunshine outside their homes, during their childhood, it is definitely a rarity for children these days to replicate the good old days, as in this techno-savvy world, kids are more likely to devote their school vacations spending hours on smartphones or video games, rather than creating a bunch of mud pies. However, by keeping a distance from Mother Nature and trying not to get dirty, your kids may just be missing out on something vital!

These days, parents don’t like their kids getting muddy and constantly worry about their children falling prey to infections they might pick up while they play. Nevertheless, parents need to ease up on the cleanliness and hygiene of their children and it is recommended for children to stay outdoors more, bask in the sun, play with sand and directly come in contact with Nature.

‘Letting your child get dirty’ focuses on the existing total hatred to dirt which is playing mayhem with kid’s health and fitness. This may actually be related to the increase in non-infectious diseases such as allergies, asthma autoimmune diseases and even perhaps obesity and coeliac ailments.

A significant part of exposing your child to the beneficial microbes is to get them in touch with pets like dogs and cats

Whenever a child’s immune system comes across a new harmless microbe, it acquires the skill of ignoring it or if not, to tolerate it which helps in maturing the immune system. Therefore, with the intention of granting kids a healthy exposure to dirt and germs, here are some guidelines parents can follow.

Send Them Outdoors
Let your growing child step out of the house and get in close contact with the environment. Allow your babies to enjoy putting their hands and feet in water, dig in the dirt, play in the mud, pick up worms from ponds, roll on the ground, catch frogs and tadpoles.

Let Them Play In The Sand
Playing in the sand helps to ease, pacify and calm down your child. It also helps to stimulate imagination and creativity and acts as a wonderful medium of art. Outdoors also lends kids a little dose of the required vitamin D which facilitates in preventing autoimmune illnesses.

Allow Them To Play With Pets
A significant part of exposing your child to the beneficial microbes is to get them in touch with pets like dogs and cats. By allowing your pets to come in close contact with your child, you will be helping to reduce his or her danger of contracting various unwanted childhood allergies, asthma and obesity later on in life.

Let Your Child Taste Things
You need to allow your baby to try a bit of touching and even tasting the natural world around them. Infections like catching a common cold or cough are usually produced by worms that encroach into the nose, throat, ears or sinuses. Catching a cold can really be helpful, as it trains your baby’s immune system to be well adjusted and capable enough to recognize and deal with pathogens.

Ditch Antibacterial Sanitizers And Soaps
By continuously using antiseptic hand sanitizers and soaps we are not only unintentionally constraining immune development in children, but are also leading to growing microbial resistance to pharmacological and natural antibiotics in some germs. Therefore, it’s advisable to stick to the good old soap and water and evade the practice of unnecessary hand washing.

Encourage The Consumption Of Fermented Foods
The intake of simple white flour, white sugar, and refined edibles won’t reach the bacteria, as it gets effortlessly engrossed in the abdomen and in the small intestine. Edibles that are rich in nuts, fibre, vegetables, and legumes are faultless microbe foods that are broken down in the large intestine. So, it’s time you add more microbes to your child’s gut by offering him/her fermented edibles like yogurt, often.

Practice Gardening With Your Children
This is the simplest way to let your children get close to dirt, as the presence of various environmental organisms will offer the immune system with all that it needs to operate efficiently.

Accept That Your Kids’ Clothes Need To Get Dirty!
Germs thrive easily on apparels and excessive laundry will do nothing but kill them. Therefore, is no good for the burgeoning immune system of your baby. Sometimes it’s advisable for parents to allow clothes to be worn a couple of times before putting it for washing.


While the above mentioned list of ways to get your children filthy, is by no means complete, it will certainly get you more receptive about revealing your children to the pathogenic organisms present in Nature. It may also be one of the best favours you can do for your little ones.

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