The Most Expensive Couches in the World – Check here for 8 Most Expensive Sofas

If you are one of those who love a well-furnished sitting room giving importance to every little detail but letting the sofa be the dominant piece of attraction, this is the list for you! We have come up with a catalogue of the most expensive sofas in the whole world.

However, the sofas on this list are extremely exorbitant and as such not a usual place to lie down and rest. These sofas have been intricately designed, keeping a close eye on every single detail. The fabric and the make have contributed to the whopping price tag that these couches come with.

1. Ron Arad Stainless Steel Sofa – $300,000

The Ron Arad Stainless Steel Sofa is regarded as the most expensive sofa in the world. It is, undoubtedly a design depicting art but cannot be placed in someone’s living room and moreover, can be pretty uncomfortable. It is displayed in The Museum of Modern Art situated in New York.

2. Onyx Sofa by Peugeot – $185,000

Second on this list, we have the Onyx Sofa by Peugeot. It is a custom-built furniture designed in the test center of a big brand of vehicles. With its ultra modern features, this sofa is created in the form of a rock which is an intrinsic part of the brand’s history.

3. Plume Blanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa – $184,000

The second runner up in this line up of the most expensive sofas in the world is Plume Blanche Diamond Encrusted sofa. These sofas are also custom-built and therefore, exclusive luxury furniture. Plume Blanche fashioned these; only 50 copies, with highlights like a leather and lacquer finish. It is also studded with diamonds!

4. Michael Jackson’s Sofa – $73,000

5. Poltrona Frau Kennedee Curved Sofa – $21,200

6. The Eames Sofa – $9800

7. Fabio Leather Cinema Sofa – $9000

8. VIG Crocodile Leather Sectional Sofa – $8500

These sofas are beautiful creations of art. They cost thousands of dollars owing to the meticulous work on the details, the science used in their creation and also the designer working on them. To possess any of these, you better suit up to get a serious dent in your bank account!

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