15 Signs Your Crush Likes You

Are you dying to find out whether your crush likes you too? Are you confused whether his/her actions towards you mean anything or you only overanalyze?

To help you resolve your inner conflict, and so you would know if it is time to forget about your feelings for him/her, here are 15 signs that show a person’s interest in you. Find them out and use them to assess your crush’s behaviours.

1. Steals glances at you
This is probably one of the most obvious clues that someone is into you. If you have caught your crush staring at you not just once or twice, then maybe those were not coincidences. Just keep observing if this will happen again.

2. Sends and responds with long messages
If you happen to have communication with your crush like thru phone or social media, observe how long his/her usual messages to you are. If oftentimes s/he sends lengthy messages even when responding to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, then it means s/he wants to keep your conversation going.

3. Interested to know more about you
In a normal friendship or acquaintance setup, a person would not be too eager to know trivial information about you like the name of your pet and your favorite color. If your crush keeps on asking you such questions, then probably s/he is researching about your life.

4. Knows details you never told him/her
If your crush surprisingly knows your birthday or your middle name even if you never mentioned them to him/her, then probably s/he is doing research about you. This means only one thing—s/he is interested in you. It is quite flattering, right?

5. Notices even small details about you
This is connected to #3. If your crush is interested to know everything about you, then expect that s/he is observant even to the tiny details of your being. For instance, s/he would ask you how you got the scar on your hand, or comment on your handwriting.

6. Appreciates you even in little things
If your crush is too grateful to you even just for passing on the tray of cookies or picking up his/her pen, then it could be a sign—unless s/he normally does it with everyone else. Furthermore, a person who likes you appreciate or praise you for almost anything like your haircut, being an early bird, or how you dress up.

7. Always willing to help you
The person who eagerly offers you help for just anything may actually like you. So, if your crush is always available to lend you a hand whenever you need it, then there could be a chance that s/he is trying to be impressive.

8. Can stand long conversations with you
You have to wonder if your crush keeps on engaging in long talks with you. Normally, unless you are BFF’s with the person, you would not waste hours of idle conversation with an ordinary friend. A fifteen to thirty-minute chitchat is long enough, but how about an hour or two of an unplanned sitting on the bench together and talking about anything under the sun?

9. Asks for your contact details
When a person asks for your mobile number and asks permission to add you on Facebook or Instagram, it does not automatically mean s/he likes you. However, this should be on your checklist, because the person who likes you would eventually do this. If this person asks for these details after a long time of being casual or friends with you, then it could be that s/he had to gather enough guts to finally do it. It is normal and easy for new friends to do this, but it is a bit weird if you have known each other for quite a while already.

10. Responds to invitations
Another behavior of a person who likes you is his/her automatic willingness to join you or your cause. In case you invite him/her to volunteer in a socio-civic organization, then s/he would not say ‘no’. If you invite him/her for dinner to discuss a business proposal, you would get an excited, positive response, even if the person is actually not business-minded.

11. Shares secrets with you
If your crush comfortablly shares secrets with you even if you are not bestfriends, then it could be a sign that s/he likes you. This behavior could mean that s/he wants to open up about his/her life with you, because s/he wants to get your acceptance and trust.

12. Unusually presentable when s/he knows you would be around
When you like someone and you know you would meet him/her, you exert greater effort to make yourself attractive, right? That is the same with the person who likes you. So, if you notice that your crush looks unusually more decent during expected meetups than when you only accidentally bump into each other, then s/he is probably trying to catch your eye.

13. Finds ways to be near you always
If you notice that, even without you making an effort, you always end up in one group with or sitting beside your crush, then it is either the work of destiny or your crush him/herself. Just observe how your crush behaves whenever you are around. Does s/he pass by in front of you all the time or approach a friend who is in close proximity with you? Is it just coincidence and timing?

14. Becomes awkward, timid, or hyper when you are around
How do you feel whenever your crush is nearby? Usually, it is either you tense up and become conscious of yourself or you get too excited and happy to the point that you overact. If your crush likes you too, then it is expected for him/her to feel the same. You can try to observe his/her behaviors in different situations: when you are around and not. You can ask help from friends for this mission.

15. Changes mood when you hang out with someone else
How does your crush react whenever s/he sees you in deep conversation or walking side by side with someone else from the opposite sex? If you notice that everytime this happens s/he becomes unusually gloomy, then maybe it is because of you. Other signs of jealousy are when s/he interrupts or joins you; passes by in front of you several times; or walks out or leaves the place.

Warning: Do not assume

Even if you can see most of the signs on your crush, please do not presume that s/he likes you. It is okay to feel good about the attention you get from this person, but unless s/he directly states it, do not assume anything. It may cause you to be aggressive, overfamiliar and territorial, which could turn him/her off instead.

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