Sankranti 2021 Nomulu List: 108 Names of సంక్రాంతి నోములు | Telangana Special Sankranthi Festival Nomulu Ideas

Sankranti Nomulu 2021: Sankranthi Nomu will be performed by a few people in the Hyderabad region. As long as I know there are different Nomulu and various things which they use for this nomu. In the state of Telangana, married people perform Sankranti Nomulu with great devotion and offer the nomu items to few married people before sunset. Guys who are looking for the details about the 2021 Sankranti Festival Nomulu can refer to this page and gather whole information in a clearcut way.

Today, we have come up with a list of Sankranti Nomulu Names and their Items in detail. You can also find the Top & major Sankranti Nomu Ideas & Item in shareable Images and videos for beginners. For creating more awareness about Sankranti Nomulu 2021, share the below images on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

108 సంక్రాంతి నోములు | 108 Names of Sankranti Nomulu

How to Perform Sankranti Nomu? Details About Sankranti Nomulu 2021

This section helps all beginners to get a complete idea about Sankranti Nomu and how to perform them. Firstly, you should know that married & unmarried women can perform these Sankranthi Nomulu. Okay, Let’s see the next process.

Married women use 5 small clay pots with clay plates on the top of them. Haldi/kumkum each placed in 1 cup, 13 number of til with jaggery laddu (these will be prepared prior to the day of nomu), 13 things (these may be plates/spoons/cups/glasses or any such things) will be utilized for this. Place all of these items on a white cloth on Sankranthi day, do Gouramma with Haldi, place this on betel leaves along with betelnut, perform pooja and then do this nomu.

After nomu is completed we can remove these and one set of laddu/Haldi/kumkum/things are to be stored with us as we call it as inti nomu and the remaining 12 Sets are to be distributed.

The pots we can give for children to play, should not distribute them or else we can use them for planting small trees like coriander leaves if it looks a bit big.

Even unmarried people can perform this nomu. But for unmarried people, there is no need to use pots/Haldi/kumkum/laddu. They only perform nomu for 13 things. But for the unmarried people to perform this nomu there should be at least one person in the family who is married so that the married woman can do gouramma/pooja and do her nomu and then unmarried people can do their nomu.

List of 13 Items Need for Sankranti Nomu | సంక్రాంతి నోముకు కావాల్సిన సామగ్రి

Here, we are listing the items that you require for Sankranti Nomu in a shareable image and video to share with your relatives or family, or friends.

  1. 2 blouse clothes for Gouramma
  2. 5 small pots with plates
  3. Haldi
  4. Kumkuma
  5. 13 Til Laddu
  6. Nomu Threads
  7. 13 Parrot Sugar Candy Sweet (if not you can use Sugar Packets)
  8. 13 Reghu Pandulu
  9. 13 Senagakayalu
  10. 13 SugarCane Pieces
  11. Coconut
  12. 1Kg Rice
  13. Puja and Deeparadhana Items

13 Sankranti nomu items list image

List of Latest 2021 Collection of Sankranti Nomulu

2021 Sankranti nomulu names

List of Sankranti Nomulu 2021

  1. Bommla Nomu
  2. Gobbigauri Nomu
  3. Godha Devi Nomu
  4. Gowriamma Nomu
  5. Muthyala Muggu Nomu
  6. Sare Battalu Vadibiyyam Thapkulu Nomu
  7. Kuradu Neeradu Nomu
  8. Mangala Harathulua Nomu
  9. Ganga Gowri Nomu
  10. Pelli Nomu

top 10 names of Sankranti nomulu 2021

1. Bommala Nomu (Savitri Gauri Nomu):

In the past, girls were married off at an early age. On the day of Mukkanuma with them, Savitri Gauri Devi used to hurt her nose in the name of dolls. This Nomu was to be performed for nine consecutive years. It is believed that this will bring good luck to housewives.

bommala nomu Telangana Sankranti nomulu

బొమ్మల నోము Song in Telugu:

కంటి కంటి
ఏం కంటి?
కిందాన మీది కంటి
చల్లమెట్ల గౌరికంటి
సావిత్రి గౌరికంటి..
చూస్తి చూస్తి
దేవీ – దేవరా చూస్తి
దేవీ – దేవరా
ఏం చేస్తున్నారంటే
రత్నాలు జూదం ఆడుతున్నారు.
ఎవరు ఓడారు
ఎవరు గెల్చారు
అందుకు సాక్షులు ఎవరు
దేవీ, దేవరా సాక్షి
సావిత్రీ గౌరిదేవమ్మ
నీ సాక్షి ఎల్లకాలం కావాలి.
స్వర్గాని కెళ్ళినా
సావిత్రీ గౌరిదేవమ్మ తల్లీ
నీ దయమాకు ఎల్లకాలం కావాలి
కంటి కంటి …

2. Gobbigauri Nomu:

This Nomu begins on the day of the Bhogi. On the evening of Bhogi festival day, devotees decorate a mandapam and place it at the center of the house. It is decorated with fruits, vegetables, and sugarcane found during this period. Gauri Devi is worshiped by placing rice in the middle of the mandapam. On the fourth day of expulsion from the bonfire, curry is cooked with garnished vegetables in the mandapam. This is called Gobbi curry.

Gobbigauri Nomu, 2021 Sankranti special nomulu

గొబ్బిగౌరీ వ్రత పాట:

సుబ్టి గొబ్బెమ్మ – శుభముల నియ్యావే
తామర పువ్వంటి తమ్ముణ్ణియ్యావే
చేమంతి పువ్వంటి చెల్లెలు నియ్యావే
మొగలి పువ్వంటి మరిదినియ్యావే
మల్లె పువ్వంటి మొగుణ్ణియ్యావే
మంకెన పువ్వంటి మరదలు నియ్యావే…

Few Videos on Sankranti Special Nomulu for Beginners

Sankranthi​ Pelli Nomu | Telangana​ Traditional Nomulu for Sankranti 2021

Final Words

Married & unmarried people who want to perform Sankranti nomulu can get a clear idea about the name and vidhi of the Nomu. If you require more details regarding Telangana Special Nomulu for Sankranti festival 2021, do leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you with updated and needed information. Also, Visit Version Weekly for more info regarding Makar Sankranti 2021 Wishes, Images, Quotes, Gifs, etc.

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