Refuse to be An Addict

Refuse to be An Addict

Addiction can be cured if we first believe in a cure. There are certain conditions which trigger dependency and curing these causes ¡s of prime importance. Dependence or addiction ¡s prompted by our personal philosophy of life and in what we believe in, or assume to be true. Therefore, adopting a realistic viewpoint about yourself and the world you inhabit is one of the major steps you can take towards recovery.

Control Damaging Thoughts

We all have preconceived notions about everything and an opinion about all things that relate to us. We sometimes also believe that everything we do ¡s ¡n our own interest until something comes along and shatters that belief. This is what happens when we turn to drugs or alcohol. We are under the wrong impression that it will benefit us and will provide us with what we are seeking — bliss! Although it may be true that there will be short-lived relief and euphoria, the reality of the situation escapes us, and that is, the long term effects of addiction makes us pay an enormous price of many health related complications and also at times, death. And maybe, by the time we realise what the truth is, it’s too late.

Decide to Change

Once you engage yourself in a particular act, you will get the same rewards and the process will continue. But if your addiction is still making you dissatisfied then it’s probably time to quit.

Believe it Can Be Done

Beware that you are not affected by the age-old famous negative ideas that addiction cannot be cured. Also, remember a relapse is not part of your recovery program so don’t treat it as such. The important thing to consider is that you have to believe that your recovery and cure is possible and know that it can be done. So, it is up to you to make up your mind and strive towards your goal of being addiction-free.

Towards Healing

Addiction to any substance, alcohol or behaviour by itself is not a problem, but more of a symptom. When the causes that are driving a person towards addiction is known and cured, the addiction for drugs or alcohol totally vanishes. Basically, it is all in the mind. The mind controls you and your actions. When you believe you can be cured, you start to put in energy in your efforts to cure yourself. However, il you feel your hard work will go in vain and you will remain in the same condition, you won’t even bother to initiate your curing process. If proper support and care is given, a relapse during the recovery period ¡s not normal, so be hard on yourself and don’t allow yourself to think that ills commonplace, because it is not.

Take on Life

Everybody’s journey in life is different. We all have to deal with different kinds of difficulties, rejections and obstacles and just how we cope with all these, determines how happy we can be in life. The manner in which we react to a particular event is entirely our decision. We can either view ourselves as victims or search for something positive in negative occurrences. Adopting the philosophy that all will be well in the end is a good way to go about things. Also, seeing the big picture and believing that you will benefit from the ‘negative’ experience is a sure shot attitude to garner success and happiness in life. The power to perceive something as good or bad lies with you as life is full of events and episodes that at times may overwhelm. However, it’s important to strengthen your mind and keep going forward in good faith. An attitude like this is bound to tide you over all stresses and difficulties you may face.

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