Recycled Decor Can Enhance The Appeal Of Your Home

Recycled Decor Can Enhance The Appeal Of Your Home

“We are constantly left with unwanted, discarded products, but instead of tossing this surplus away, ponder over the benefits of reusing them”

Turn Old Products Into New Ones

Recycling not only helps you recover/reclaim waste, but also keeps your surroundings clean and helps keep the environment healthy. So, why buy new products when you can turn your old ones into something pretty and unconventional? We are constantly left with unwanted, discarded products but instead of tossing this surplus away, ponder over the benefits of reusing such waste.

It’s interesting how mason jars, toilet paper rolls, paper plates, old sweaters, egg cartons, aluminium cans, old books, and many such things have several creative uses. In other words, recycling old bags, jewellery, accessories and clothes is what we call vintage Hence, here are a few ways to turn waste into something productive that adds to the appeal and class of your home.

Sew A Quilt From Your Old Denims

Gather your old denims which are just lying around or occupying too much space in your closet and put your creativity to its best use. With the help of your sewing machine, make a cosy and beautiful quilt. This could be one of those quilts that a teenager or a child would love to have in their room.

Brand New Bed For Your Pet With An Old Suitcase

An animal lover will love the concept of turning an old suitcase into a brand new bed for a pet. It is a new way to let your pet feel cosy and comfy with this mini version of royal treatment. So, the next time you are throwing out that old suitcase, consider revamping it for your pet or pass it on to a friend who has one.

Quilted Coasters With Old Fabric

Coasters are an essential accessory in your kitchen. Thinking of buying new ones? Why don’t you try something out of the box, by creating a few yourself? Use printed old tops, lace and net material or embroidered fabric by cutting out desired shapes and sizes and sew them to create some unique coaster pieces!

Cut And Mould Bottles Into Glasses

In most households, bottles are available in plenty due to its high usage in various forms. Also, you hate to throw away those fancy looking bottles because of how adorable they are.

Instead, cut and mould them into a glass or tumbler. These are sure to add quirkiness to your crockery unit. You can also have the old bottles turned into vases by layering them with different colour jute strings.

Create Decorative Pieces With Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are used for different festivals. But to give them a twist, use the fairy lights with products that are easily available at home. Take a few transparent plastic glasses glue it from the outside properly and stick coloured butter paper to it. Once it dries, make a hole on the top and put some part of the fairy light in it.

Connect the other glasses using the same procedure and put them in a dark corner in the living room or bedroom. Another way fairy lights can be used is to get some coloured ping pong ball and create a hole in each of the balls. Now, insert a small part of the light which connects one ball to the other to create a beautiful decorative piece.

Hang Your Earrings On Old Photo Frames

Bored of looking at all those old photo frames at home? Recolour the edges of the old frame, fix a small piece of net around the edges or have strings running from one end to the other. You can now hang your earrings on the net or strings and finally have a place for them.

Give Recycling And Reusing A Thought

So, the next time you have excess material, try to recycle and reuse it. You will not only come up with several ways of getting your home to look more appealing and original, but will also leave your visitors fascinated.

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