Overlooking The Right Time Management

You sleep daily, get up every day, bathe every day, dress up, get your car service scheduled, try to manage the day, chalk out the next day, week or month’s schedule and try to follow up with your specific targets. Hence, in terms of a cultured society, ‘discipline’ may be defined as a powerful self control mechanism that denotes daily accomplishments, which few may term as achievements. And in view of this tight schedule, sometimes the right time management is overlooked.

Making Everything Look Lively

Earning a livelihood is one component – spending money and time is another, but very crucial part of life. Fixing up time to manage your home, office, factory or shop may be routine, but sparing time to manage these in order, so that everything looks lively, is a very crucial job which most of us give the least priority. As a result, these areas get mismanaged slowly and the result is a haphazard situation where nothing is managed property.

Clutter Affects Health

This activity and its results are called ‘cluttering’ which comes under the serious negative factors in Vastu Shastra. In the long run, this clutter becomes severe sources of negative vibrations and starts affecting health, wealth and harmony of those living in these spaces. Silently, such negative vibes snatch your peace of mind and very soon you are found in a dilemma.

Three Actions For Positive Vibes

Few may think that ringing bells, sprinkling the holy Ganges water in their dwellings, using incense sticks or spraying room fresheners etc. are the only ways to freshen their homes and to enhance positive vibes, but this is not enough, in the true sense, In fact, cleaning, refreshing with pleasing fragrances and cleansing are the three actions which may collectively fill up homes with positive vibes.

Managing Things Consciously

Cleaning, managing and synchronising your household goods or office peripherals is a routine exercise, but arranging them nicely so that they emit good energy is a deliberate action that needs special attention. It means cleaning any area is a simple and linear term, whereas cleansing is an action that is used as a strong tool in pathetic conditions. So, whenever you find that family members are getting lethargic, ignorant towards their daily deeds, shirking responsibilities and accusing others for this state of life, it means clutter has so grabbed your home, that it now needs emergency cleansing!

Tools Used For Cleansing

Declutter The House

It may be difficult to classify the segments inside your home which need immediate attention. To overcome this extremely difficult work, just call any of your dose friends, relatives or well- wishers who do not visit your home frequently. Now, ask them to carry out an informal audit to highlight the things which look improper or a nuisance to them. Let them prepare a list of such core pathological areas freely and then sit with them to discuss it.

Obviously, you will try to oppose or condemn their full audit in view of your habit of looking at every useless scrap as if it may become the most crucial for you, in time to come. No matter what you keep in the list and what you delete, you will certainly be astonished to notice that many things need attention. So, remove or manage them as suggested by your faithful informal auditors. Then, the good time of sensing and segregating negative items or cluttered things will start. Henceforth, gear up for this activity every week or month, as this is the basic form of cleansing your abode.

Cleanse Against Long Time Negativitles

There is another kind of negativity which may easily be pinpointed in many houses. In terms of a ‘wounded house’ – a cracked wall, damaged floor tiles, furniture that is not maintained, dried up plants or cracked window panes. These are the ‘wounds’ of the building structure. Identity these sort of building wounds and provide them with the proper cure. Hence, repairing and maintaining your house on a holiday may be the best utility of the day. Vastu defines the interiors and walls of an area as ‘skin’ which should be rash-tree, smooth, glowing and healthy.

Inspect Other Parts Too

Take a quick look at the curtains in your house, as some family members may have developed the bad habit of wiping their hands with them. Listen to the creaking sounds of the doors which create nostalgic resonance. The rugs may also be waiting for the good time when they shall be washed or dry-cleaned. The tablecloth, sofa cushions and washroom towels shall also be blessed, if they are washed, ironed and scented on the great occasion of rejuvenating your house.

Dress Up Your Home Holistically

Don’t be under the impression that by adapting the above course of action, you have done normal routine work, but believe that by arranging everything, you have dressed up your home holistically too. Now, believe that by incorporating the above actions, you are winning and negativity is losing. So, fill up your entire abode everyday with positive energy and let the youngsters learn this great convention from you, which shall certainly become part of your culture.

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