Most Expensive Magic Card – Top 15 MTG Cards

You may not have come across to magic cards in your daily life but it is no doubt very popular and is used to perform various magical tricks. Some of the expensive and rare cards are still used to conduct the most effective magic.

These playing cards are very difficult to find out nowadays. These playing cards were used in many official play shows. These cards were made earlier in countries like Holland, Portugal and England but now they have become very rare. Some of the famous and most expensive cards which have gained popularity are given below.

1. Black Lotus – $1574-3051

It is believed to be one of the most powerful cards. Black Lotus has been originated from the alpha and beta sets of the game. This card is a part of the power nine. It is a set of early run cards that were printed for a few months between 1993 and 1994. The black lotus picture is a portrayal of a black lotus flower over a flora background.

2. Time Walk – $1356

Time Walk is regarded as the second most expensive magic card in the world. It is a game that steadily builds up the resources over time. It has the seven words “Take an extra turn after this one” written on it. Thus an extra turn makes the hex more powerful.

3. Tropical Island – $1050

Tropical Island is very exclusive and uncommon card. It counts as both islands and forests and is affected by magic charm that changes either. If a hex demolishes one of these land types this card is shattered and if a spell alters one of these land types then the other land type is unchanged.

4. Mox Sapphire – $1029

Mox sapphire comes 4th in our list in terms of most expensive MTG cards. This is the blue version of previous mox cards. It is rare and thus so highly priced. The words written on the cards are “Include 1 blue mana to your mana pool. Tapping this artifact can be played as an interrupt.”

5. Time Vault – $924

Time Vault doesn’t untap during the untap step. If you have begun your turn while the Time Vault is tapped, you can skip that portion. This is among the expensive vault cards available.

6. Ancestral Recall – $920

7. Mox Pearl – $911

8. Mox Emerald – $899

9. Judge Foil Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite- $400

The judge foils are pretty and this one stands out, as it carries Phyrexian text. You need to understand the text before you start the game.

10. Innistrad Lilliana of the Veil- $350

This foil version fetches hefty prices due to legacy players to pimp their decks out. In terms of format, it’s a staple with 3 mana cost and has the ability to protect.

11. Player Rewards Promotional Wasteland- $350

This yet another expensive eternal staple, and the original print were Tempest, set that predated foil printings. You can get this MTG card online

12. Antiquities Candelabra of Tawnos ($400)

This is an odd card from bygone era, and the candles are staples. You’ll find hard to get these antiquities cards. In terms of competitive play, the card abused when compared with High Tide.

13. Legends Chains of Mephistopheles- $400

For the past few years, the price of this card is increasing due to sideboard legacy play. This card is quite common to Italian print legends.

14. Three Kingdoms Ravages of War: $400

These cards were never released in North America and designed as standalone series for introducing new players to magic.

15. Legends Moat- $400

This odd card does something that no other card can do. It fills the niche role in colour pie. You can find this MTG card online and learn about the game for fun.

These mtg cards are very effective in performing a hex. Since these rare cards were made many years ago and are no longer in production, so they are exorbitantly high priced. But performing magic using these cards would ensure that your work will definitely be done, if you follow the right procedure.

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