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Happy Independence Day Wishes & Images 2020: India this year celebrates its 74th Independence Day on the 15th of August, 2020 (Saturday). This day is marked as the historic occasion because on this day finally, India gained freedom from the British empire in the year 1947. People from diverse caste, color, religion, states celebrate this day with positive spirit and enthusiasm.

Independence day is celebrated every year in respect and remembrance of long-awaited freedom of the country. Also on this day, people will remember Indian freedom fighters who sacrifice their life for getting independence to India. So, make use of the shared Best 2020 Independence day quotes, messages, images, gifs, videos & show respect for every freedom fighter that have shed their blood for their country’s freedom.

Top Best Independence Day 2020 Wishes & Quotes to Share with your Friends

On this page, you will attain a great collection of patriotic messages and 74th Independence Day wishes, messages, and quotes with HD images.

  • On this Independence Day
    We should take the pledge that
    Till our last breath, we will fight against terrorism,
    And protect our country with all we have
    Happy Independence Day!!
  • Freedom in the mind,
    Faith in the words,
    Pride in our hearts &
    Memories in our souls…
    Let’s salute our nation on Independence Day!
    Happy Independence Day 2020

Happy Swatantra Diwas 2020 Images

  • Others might have forgotten,
    But never can I,
    The Flag of my country
    Furls very high,
    Happy Independence Day
  • Thousands laid down their lives
    For making our country breath this day
    Let’s remember the struggle and sacrifices of our freedom legends
    And celebrate the joy of Independence
    Happy Independence Day!
  • Sare Jahan se acha Hindustan hamara
    Aao milke wada kare jhanda ucha rahe hamara
    Happy Independence Day!
    Jai Hind!

Happy Independence Day 2020 Messages & SMS

  • On this special day here’s wishing our dreams of a new tomorrow come true! May your Independence Day day be filled with patriotic spirit! Happy Independence Day 2020.
  • By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall. Independence day is a good time to think who we are and how we got here. Happy Independence Day!
  • We celebrate the bravery of our fathers and their gift of freedom. Long may our flag wave! Happy 74th Independence Day!
  • This Independence Day, let’s take a pledge to protect the peace and unity of our great nation. Happy Independence Day 2020!
  • Let us honor the struggles of many brave hearts who fought for the country’s freedom. Happy Independence Day 2020!
  • A big salute to all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our independence! Jai Hind!
  • We should not let anything divide the idea of India. Happy Independence Day!
  • Freedom is the most precious thing in every human’s life. No one has a right to take it away, and we need to do everything to protect our society from cruelty and violence. Happy Independence Day!

Best Happy Indian Independence Day Shayari in Hindi

Swatantra Diwas Shayari Images 2020

तिरंगा हमारा है शान-ए-जिंदगी
वतन परस्ती है वफा-ए-जमी,
देश के लिए मर मिटना कुबूल है हमें,
अखंड भारत के स्वप्न का जुनून है हमें..!!
Happy Independence Day

स्वतंत्रता दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं
देशभक्तों से ही देश की शान है,
देशभक्तों से ही देश की शान है,
हम उस देश के फूल हैं यारो
जिस देश का नाम हिंदुस्तान है..

दे सलामी इस तिरंगे को,
जिस से तेरी शान है,
सर हमेशा ऊंचा रखना इसका,
जब तक तुझमें जान है.
Happy Independence Day

जीवन जीना सेना ने सिखाया, तब हमने अपना वतन बनाया वतन पर आंच न आने दूंगा, दुश्मन के सीने छल्ली कर दूंगा

भारतीय सैनिक कभी नहीं झुकने देता भारत का ध्वज देश के लिए जो मर मिटे वो है भारत का सैनिक महान

वतन हमारा मिसाल है मोहब्बत की, तोड़ता है दीवारें नफरत की, ये मेरी खुश नसीबी है जो मिली जिन्दगी इस चमन में… और भुला न सके कोई भी इसकी खूशबु सातों जनम में…

भूल न जाना भारत माँ के सपूतों का बलिदान, इस दिन के लिए जो हुए थे हंसकर कुर्बान, आज़ादी की ये खुशियाँ मनाकर लो ये शपथ की बनायेंगे देश भारत को और भी महान..

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