How To Beat Academic Stress With Vastu

How To Beat Academic Stress With Vastu

“Energise your study room every morning by opening the doors, windows and ventilators of the east direction, in the morning hours”

Students’ examinations will be approaching soon and days will be hectic, nights will be tense and worries will soar. Parents may also experience stress. Hence, interpersonal sharing of thoughts, self-analysis and introspection may be the consoling tools for each of them, but reality perception continues to play its role.

During such times, everyone searches for ways to soothe the factors that causes the tension. And in such a scenario, Vastu Shastra, may be a supportive tool. Hence, here are a few Vastu tips which may help create positive vibrations in the study area and in the surrounding areas.

Inviting Positive Vibes

  • Try to position the positive directions for the study like east, north, north-east or west as these are the directions where high concentration levels can be maintained. It may also be additionally beneficial to lace either in the direction of east or north. Avoid facing west and south while studying.
  • Energise your study room every morning by opening the doors, windows and ventilators of the east direction, in the morning hours. This creates sustainable positive energy as per Vastu and helps controlling harmful bacteria, germs and insects according to medical science. The morning sun rays contains miraculous positive vibes, hence this direction is the most appreciated.
  • Identity the study area, resting place and dining area. One should not mix them up, because dining is meant for eating, bed is for sleeping and study table is for studying. According to Vastu, the place where any particular activity is carried out daily, creates the energy field for that particular purpose. Therefore, strictly follow learning on the study table only.
  • It any specific study area is not defined due to one or the other limitations, one may use the dining table too, but never forget to clean and wipe the table before studying. Also, declutter the dining table before sitting there for studying.
  • Cleanse the atmosphere of the study area, by way of doing a silent worship of your God for a few seconds and wish for the best concentration and fruitful result. For example, one may place a small idol or pose of Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom. Similarly few moments devotion for the adored lord may also be done. This is the best way to cleanse the environment, surroundings and inner self, A little meditation, yoga and chanting of mantras may also help reduce exam phobia and may help in relieving stress.
  • Clean the study table before studying. Remove all unwanted and unusable objects like worn oil items like pens, crayons, erasers, peripherals, books and other things from the study table. And do not convert your room into a junk yard.
  • Check the watch or clock in the room is properly working. Replace the batteries it it is not working. Also, get it repaired if defective and buy one new watch, it required. According to Vedic Vastu non-working watches and clocks may create negative vibes.
  • Additionally, carefully maintain the study table. There should be no shoes, brooms, scraps or dirty things under the study table. Remove games, toys, and entertainment related gadgets from the study table as these may divert the attention and adversely affect concentration.
  • Relax after some time. Move to an open space, stretch a while, take deep breaths and return back to study. This action may appear minor, but works miracles as it is an exercise by which we can realign the seven chakras, the energy centres in our body.
  • Try to sit in the study chair such that there should be a solid wall behind you. Ensure before sitting that there should be no toilet door behind. Check that the toilet door should be properly shut, otherwise there remains a possibility of negative vibes entering, lithe room is small and there is no other option than facing a wall, then paste or fix a soft board on the front wall which should be used for the daily schedule, time table, formulas and other important information.
  • Try to place the study table in such a way that proper natural light enters the room. It is better to use the natural daylight, instead of using artificial light even during daytime. This not only helps rejuvenate proper eyesight but is also considered to be positive energy as per Vastu. Also, don’t use too much nor too less candle light for studying.
  • Parents should try to encourage children to appreciate light or pastel wall colours as very dark and multicolours may make the vibes irksome which may further hinder concentration. Thus, avoid excess black, dark brown and dark grey shades on the front wall.
  • If students use computers for study purposes, then the screen and CPU should be placed properly. According to Vastu, if the student is studying facing the east, then the screen and CPU should be on the right side and if he/she is facing the north direction, then these should be placed on the left side of the study table, as this may help in concentration.

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