Best Time to Eat Break Fast, Lunch and Dinner

Eating Right And On Time

Trying to decide what to eat when, is a tough decision. Many people lay too much stress on what they want to eat but forget that eating at the right time, consistently every single day is equally important, especially when you are working out to either lose weight or just to be healthy. It is only when healthy, nutritious food is eaten at equal intervals, a person becomes healthy and fit.

Eating right means eating the right quantities of food with high nutritional value. However, eating at the right time, is as crucial. Both are important for training and everyday life. For example, the body is better able to burn carbohydrates in the morning than late at night, therefore it ¡s advisable to eat carbohydrates in the morning.

The Importance Of Timing

Time before and after training will influence the effects of exercise. In order for the body to effectively use the right energy sources and make training optimal, the diet has to be planned, accordingly. Depending on what you eat and at what time you eat it after training. will influence what happens in the body.

If you’re training to bulk up, lose weight or just want to be healthy. these factors will influence your diet. For example, the hour directly after training is very important for those who want to build muscle. This is the best time to consume proteins. But this will again be affected by the type of training that was done.

How To Maintain The Right Time

Eating at the right time is an essential part of training. Depending on what time you eat before or after a training session will influence how your body adapts to exercise. For example, it you do not eat before training, you might feel weak and will not be able to do your best. Whereas, if you eat too close to training it might also have a negative effect since you might feel nauseous. Depending on the type of training and desired goal, the eating plan should be scheduled. Usually, eating a light meal about two hours prior to training will optimise results.

Do’s And Don’ts

Do’s – Plan your day by incorporating the training time as well as eating time. Eating is very important, therefore always make sure that you eat at least two hours prior to training. Consume carbohydrates in the morning. Don’t forget to eat some breakfast as it gets your metabolism going.

Don’ts – Never eat too late at night. Your last meal should be at least two hours before bed. Don’t eat carbohydrates for the last meal of the day.

Food Clock Recommendations (Time + Food)

Eat breakfast within an hour from the time you wake up and make sure you eat carbohydrates. Training in the morning is very effective because the body’s hormones are elevated leading to greater adaptations in the body. Also. training in the morning provides energy for the day. Two hours after when you start feeling hungry, have your lunch. At night, after work, you can have your dinner, but don’t make it too late.

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