Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 Special Prasadam Recipes | Simple and Easy Sweet Recipes for Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes 2023: Lord Ganesha acclaimed to be the God of good beginnings, remover of obstacles is a Universal God. Throughout the 10-day festival, devotees offer prasad/bhog to please their beloved God Ganesha. We have listed some of the popular prasad recipes to offer to the deity on the festival of Ganesh Chavithi. Any Festival is incomplete without delectable dishes and Ganesh Chaturthi is no different. We enlist some popularly prepared bhog or Prasad Recipes for Vinayaka Chaviti here.

List of Most Popular & Traditional Recipes offered to Lord Ganesha during Vinayaka Chavithi 2023

Lord Ganesha is worshipped for all 10 days by offering him his favorite dishes right from Modak to Ladoos. Check out each of their recipes and please the god with all the delicious food. Usually, Sweet Shops will be lined up with people for a variety of sweets to offer Ganesha.

Modak Recipe

Delicious Modaks or Sweet Dumplings is one of the Ganapati’s most favorite sweet dishes. He is also called Modakpriya for his love for Modak. It is Maharashtrian festive dumplings made of rice flour dough & a sweet coconut jaggery filling. Usually, these sweet dumplings are handmade, filled, and then steamed. The filling is delicately flavored with cardamom powder and at times even with nutmeg.

Modaks are made in other states with different fillings like chana dal jaggery, sesame jaggery, or peanut jaggery. Few people make this recipe as per their family traditions.

Satori Recipe

Of the Ganesh Chaturthi, Recipes Maharashtrian Satori is quite famous. It is a Maharashtrian Flat Bread that is made during the festivals. It is a rich delicacy made from khoya or mawa, ghee, besan, and milk.

Puran Poli or Bobbatlu Recipe

Other Simple Sweet Recipes for Ganesh Chaturthi prepared by Maharashtrian is Puran Poli. Puran Poli is a flat bread made of maida stuffed with sweet lentils and jaggery.

Motichoor Ladoo Recipe

Along with Modak, Lord Ganesha loves Ladoos. Motichoor Ladoos one of the common forms of ladoos offered to him. Please Ganesha by offering these Ladoos on the festival day.

Coconut Rice Recipe

This is one of the Common Offerings to Ganapathi in South India. Coconut Rice is a recipe prepared by soaking rice in coconut milk or cooking it coconut flakes. This delicious treat is one of the most loved Prasad Items to Lord Ganesha.

Dry Fruits Recipe

Dry fruits laddu is prepared using cashew, badam, pista, dates, and raisins. Dry Fruits Laddu is prepared using edible gum or antu.

Shrikhand Recipe

Shrikhand is one of the Sweet Recipes for Ganesh Chaturthi and is popular across Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is a Sweet Dish made of yogurt and is topped with chunky nuts and raisins. Please Ganesha with his all-time favorite sweet dish.

Banana Sheera Recipe

Banana is easy to make the sweet dish and is one of the common offerings to Lord Ganesha. It is prepared from mashed bananas, semolina and sugar, the sheera is similar to Sooji ka Halwa.

Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes Andhra

Check out the recipes for Ganesh Chaturthi South Indian like Chalimidi, Vadapappu, Panakam by following the below embedded video.

Ganesh Chaturthi Naivedyam Pulihora Recipe | Andhra Tamarind Rice

Some of the popular Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes made in Andhra that you should try for sure. Ganapathi will be pleased and these are prominent recipes offered to God.  Check out the ingredients required to prepare Tamarind Rice or Pulihora and the making process.

Vinayaka Chaviti Naivedyam Paala Undrallu Recipe

Undrallu is a common offering to the deity Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturti in South India. This Simple Sweet dish is extremely popular and is made on the festival day to please Lord Ganesha.

Vinayaka Chaviti Kudumulu Recipe

Kudumulu is Andhra Style Rice Balls Steamed and made similar to Modak. These are offered to Lord Ganesha during Vinayaka Chaviti for Pooja. Different Regions people will have their own meaning regarding Kudumulu or Undrallu.

Medu Vada Recipe for Ganesh Chaturthi Prasadam

Learn to make crispy fluffy and delicious Medu Vada at home and offer them to Lord Ganesha. Garelu, Medu Vada, uddina vade, ulundhu vadai are the other names to these South Indian Dish. It is made during the festival Vinayaka Chaviti and offered to the deity Ganapathi.

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