Ensure Healthy Vibes In Your Kitchen And Dining Area

Ensure Healthy Vibes In Your Kitchen And Dining Area

Elders in the family and spiritual guides alike, often tell you to eat healthy, so that your thoughts become healthy. Because if thoughts are right, your life philosophy becomes positive, which definitely reflects in your actions. However, you can only eat healthy it the cook, cooking area, ingredients and environment in which the food is prepared is hygienic.

This means, the overall vibes inside a kitchen or pantry area, should be healthy. At the same time, the dining area should also be equally good for you, because if nutritious food is consumed in an unhealthy manner, it may not be as beneficial as desired.

The Link Between Food Body And Mind

The quality of food you eat affects your body and your body affects your mind. Generally we think that excellent cooking requires only good ingredients, raw material, an appropriate intensity of flame, appropriate utensils, perfect cutlery, tasteful pure spices, salt, oil and an expert cook etc.

But according to Vastu science there is one more very vital element which should never be ignored for preparing healthy food. The person cooking should be in a positive frame of mind, free from worries and in a cheerful mood.

He/she should be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy so that his/her vibes can be transmitted to preparing positive food. Certainly the health, mood, emotions and dedication of the cook too are also equally important during the course of cooking food.

Ensure A Positive Direction For Cooking

Vedic Vastu defines the proper direction, location, positioning and placement of the kitchen. The action of cooking implies the use of ‘agni tatva’- the fire element. Hence, it is essential to take care of the direction of the ‘fire.’ Vastu works on the principle of the four cardinal directions and five elements namely water, fire, earth, air and space.

Cooking requires heat or fire, so it should be placed in the direction of the fire element which is the south-east sub direction. Scientifically, the south-east is the direction which is the sun’s transit corner. The sun represents energy, light and heat which is positively found in the south-east direction. Therefore, the best direction for cooking Is the south-east.

Also, the interior of the kitchen should not be overlooked. According to the Vastu tenets, the fire place which is the gas stove, hot plate, microwave oven, heater or cooking top (hob) should be on the eastern slab inside the kitchen so that the intensity of light will be appropriate and the fumes may be exhausted easily.

The use of black stone on the kitchen slab is not appreciated in Vastu. However, red, green, white and yellow slabs are considered to be the best. There should also be proper arrangement of artificial lights inside the kitchen, so that night hours are easily handled.

In case the kitchen interior is big enough, it may be decorated with Indoor plants, as these may not only look good but also act as natural air filters that manage carbon dioxide gas.

The Dining Area Is Equally Important

According to Vastu Shastra, there are a few major factors which should be taken care of in your dining space, These are as follows: the dining area should be located in the east, west or north western direction of the house.

A dining area lacing east and north are the most preferred directions for having foods, Pictures of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and healthy drinks are considered to be positive on the walls of your dining area and according to Feng Shui, the Chinese art of positioning and placement, if you place a large mirror in front of your dining area, it will bring prosperity. It is further suggested to choose the eastern or northern wall for the mirror.

The walls of your dining space should be painted cream, yellow, orange and red. Purple, green and oft-white are also good, but it is best to avoid blue and black in your dining area. According to Vedic Vastu, ancestors’ photographs, laughing Buddha statue and puja place (home mandir) should not be in your dining space.

Also, placing extra coins, keyrings, medicines and religious epics etc. on a dining table is considered negative according to Vastu. The dining table should be square or rectangular in shape and its corners should be soft/ chamfered. There should be no cracks or breaks on the dining table top and the preferable and best material for a dining table is wood. However, its top can be made of glass too.

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