Let Your Home Come Alive This Monsoon!

Let Your Home Come Alive This Monsoon!

“Monsoons are all about using bright colours and livening the ambiance”

Very often, people tend to miss out on the joys of the monsoon weather, as they prefer to crib about the rains and become gloomy, just like the skies above. But your spirits will soon soar, because here are some tips to make your home one of the most inviting and cosy places you’ve even been in!

Choose Breatheable Bed linen

Begin transforming your home and make it monsoon-ready by incorporating a slight change in the bed linen. Considering how humid monsoons can get, you would need to have breathable bed linen that is light in fabric, bright in colour and ideally should do well when the evenings are a bit chilly. You can add a splash of aqua colours in different hues or simply combine turquoise with a rich emerald green to liven up your room decor, Having a set that includes bedspreads, duvets, cushions and pillow covers that compliment the drapes and tapestry is what you might need to choose wisely for.

Choosing lighter colours for the linen will be the best option as darker shades will not only make the room look smaller but tends to dampen the cheerful look you want to encompass. You can team assorted sets of cushions in variousshapes and sizes and even play with different colours. For instance, a bright mediterranean blue can be teamed with an orange spread or yellow bed linen.

Add Candles For A Cosy Feeling

Another splendid way to add sparkle to your monsoon decor is by investing in a few aromatic therapy options. From candles to incense sticks, a mild fragrance can help evade musty smells of this season. Candles and incense stands make pretty decorations too for side tables or coffee tables. Arranging them in various tall and small sizes will make an appealing effect on aesthetics and also be high on utility. Monsoons usually bring with them a number of power cuts and candles can be an ideal way to turn the evening into a warm and romantic affair. Also, one can buy lanterns and votives for a more luxurious setup.

Keep It Bright To Liven The Ambiance

Keep In mind that whatever you might choose, the colours you pick out for any accessory will make a great difference. Monsoons are all about using bright colours and livening the ambiance. So be it for rugs or mugs, candles or drapes, keep it bright in such a manner, that it neither hurts the eye nor is it too drab. For instance, even if you have a liking for beiges and creams, combine it with colours that will add a spark. So if you team the beige with an orange and cream with a turquoise, half your battle will be won. You can then devote more time to beating up coffee and entertaining guests with sizzling pakoras over lots of talking and laughter.

Bring The Greenery In

A good way to welcome monsoons is by turning your house into a greener space and enriching your life with an environmentally positive ambiance. Monsoons are not simply to gaze out of the window and see the beauty outside, you can bring the outdoors “in” by keeping bonsai plants or even other types of indoor potted plants. Plants will add to the greenery while the pots you choose for them can bring in colour and joy.

Invest in plants that do not need much sunlight since the monsoons might be an unfavourable time to have a plant that constantly needs the sun. For instance, a money plant or bamboo shoots can be great for starters. These plants are ideal for people who do not have much experience exploring their green thumb.

Let The Air In Through The Windows

Take some time out to check the curtains and drapes you use. Very often we choose heavy fabrics for curtains during the summers, since the sun is all that we want to avoid. However, you should pick curtains that are a lighter fabric and a little translucent for the monsoons, as this will ensure that the room will be more airy and will have light passing through easily. Heavy curtains not only get damp due to the moisture in the air but also tend to leave a musty smell which can be quite unpleasant.

Pamper Yourself With Vibrant Chinaware

Last but certainly not the least, add colour to your life with amazing chinaware options. Pick from a range that has floral art on it, or pick colours that will suit the weather, You really do not need to wait for a formal occasion or for guests to pour in. Take the initiative to pamper yourselves and perk up your mood with bright and vibrant cups and saucers. You can also find great options for platters and serving plates for that unexpected teatime delicacies that you want to enjoy while the rain Gods shower their blessings.

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