Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu – 08th November, 2019

This is where we merge the best of two worlds: Vocabulary and Reading. In this section, we provide you a set of 10 words, on a daily basis, from the newspaper ‘The Hindu’. Since these words are picked up on a daily basis, you get to learn words which are practically ‘used’

What is this section all about?

In simple words, we pick 10 words daily from The Hindu. We share their:
– meaning
– usage
– Examples.

The purpose is very simple: to provide you something to learn on a daily basis and also, motivate you to read. Remember, there is no better than reading to learn the language.

Why is this section relevant for you?

The words in this section are not picked-up from some word list: these are words that are used on an everyday basis. Hence, the practical utility of learning these words is immense.

Make sure you bookmark this page and you are regular with this section.

Quote of the Day – 08th November 2019

“Successful people begin where failures leave off. Never settle for ‘just getting the job done.’ Excel!” – Tom Hopkins, motivational speaker.

Words of the Day

1. Intriguing — Adjective – Very interesting because of being unusual or mysterious.

Synonym – Enthralling, Fascinating.

Antonym – Boring, Unstimulating

Example – Dabby is really an intriguing person.

2. Replicate – Verb – To copy something exactly

Synonym – Duplicate, Likeness

Antonym – Entity, Original

Example – Researchers tried many times to replicate the original experiment.

3. Condign – Adjective – Fitting & deserved –

Synonym – Adequate, Requisite

Antonym – Undue, Scant

Example – Instantly he detected the culprit, and condign punishment followed.

4. Dire – Adjective – Serious or very bad –

Synonym – Extreme, Desperate

Antonym – Unimportant, Mild

Example – There were dire warnings about the dangers of watching too much TV.

5. Enshroud – Verb – Envelop completely and hide from view

Synonym — Obscure, cover

Antonym — Illuminate, Bring out

Example — Heavy smog enshrouded the city.

Phrasal Verb of the Day

6. Bail out – To help a person or organization that is having problems

Example – the government has already bailed the project out once before.

7. Cross off – to remove or delete Example – the teacher crossed off his name from the list.

Idiom of the Day

8. On the horns of a dilemma – To be unable to decide which of the two things to do because either could have bad results.

Example – He is on the hors of dilemma in the matter of his marriage.

One word Substitution

9 . Loquacious – A person tending to talk a great deal.

Example – There is nothing worse than having a loquacious person sit next to you on an airplane.

Quick Quiz – Daily Vocabulary

10. Choose an appropriate meaning of the idiom –
To rock the boat
(a) To conspire against
(b) To agitate against
(c) To upset the balance
(d) To create difficulties

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