Does Your Sexual Drive Shape Your Success?

Does Your Sexual Drive Shape Your Success?

Once, a mystic was posed with a question as a curious and world-weary man had a query – it his sexual drive is low, would it mean that the drive for success and other aspects like career will also be low? He knew the Impending answer would boost his morale or there would be a fatal fall.

The mystic smiled in understanding. He knew the deeply rooted fears and insecurity behind the question. Hence, he calmly began. He said, in a male, there is a sense of conquest. If he Is all male and he does not have other aspects evolved within him, if he has not nurtured the other dimensions in him, conquest is very important.

Sexuality And Conquest
He sees everything including sexuality as a conquest Every woman he lays with is a conquest for him – it is not pleasure and it is not love. He has to prove his point So. then he becomes a restless human being and that restlessness is understood as a drive for success.

Restless people do many things – lots of activities, because of this, sometimes they may find success. But true success comes only to those people who are very quiet and calm. There may be a medium scale of success with those kinds of people who are driven. But it you see real success – the geniuses in any field, they are all people without too much testosterone in them. They have regulated testosterone, not wild testosterone, Either naturally or with a certain attitude they have tempered their testosterone.

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Testosterone And Success
So, will the level of testosterone decide a man’s success in his career or business? Definitely not. The choice is: do you want to be driven by a certain chemical ingredient in your system or do you want to drive your system? It you are driven by the system, by accident you may reach somewhere; sometimes it may be a good place, sometimes it may be a bad place. If you drive your system, you will take it where you want to go. So your sexual drive and your competence levels in your business and career are not connected.

Stress And Being Active
People are thinking of drive in a certain way. You do not have to be ambitious to be incessantly active. lf you are joyful. you will be incessantly active. When there is no sense of burdensomeness or stress in what you are doing. you are willing to be active any number of hours per day and you will function with freedom and intelligence rather than functioning with a compulsion that you want to conquer somebody today. If you go with the idea of conquest, sometimes you may do things that others are not able to do, but not always.

Living A Balanced Life
If we take a percentage out of 10 people who are heavily driven by testosterone. if they go out to do business, eight of them would be a total failure. Two of them may succeed because they have other qualities too. But just the testosterone drive does not make you successful at all. It just gives you a huge sense of incompleteness that unless you conquer, you cannot feel complete, unless you beat somebody today. you will be lost and depressed. That is not a good state to be in, if you want to be successful in whatever you are doing.

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So, if everything is In its place, It Is best. If it is either hyped up or if it is not there, you are certainly living an imbalanced life. If you have consciously tempered these things, that is a different thing. If you lost it, there is a problem; it you are driven by it, definitely there is a problem. Listening to the mystic’s response, the world-weary man reflected on the wise man’s words. A slow smile touched his lips as he acknowledged his slips. The truth so clear, brought him great pleasure. It was joy so profound that it hammered his insecurities to the ground.

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