Childhood Then Vs Now: Difference Between Kids in 90’s and 2000’s

Every Generation people observe old things and define them in a new way. For every century and generation somewhere down the line people’s childhood memories, things are getting changed. In the olden days, kids used to spend their maximum time with friends outside by playing various types of outdoor games. But in the current generation, kids are spending their highest amount of time in front of gadgets and playing virtual games.

Want to recall all your old memories and know what present generation kids are missing? Then, step into this article and get the full clarity on the difference between Kids in 90’s and 2000’s. By referring to this article you all will definitely memorize your childhood things, funny games, enjoyable time, and many more.

After seeing these 90’s Vs 2000’s differences recreate any of the things that you’d love to do at present with your kids or parents. Okay, let’s dive into the Difference Between Children in then and now!

Difference Between Kids in 90’s and 2000’s

People from 80’s, 90’s to the ones from the 2000’s have seen so many drastic differences in Childhood timings. So, to make them feel their childhood memories again and to educate the ones in 2000’s kids about old fun games, and joyful life let’s take a look at the difference between children in 90’s and 2000’s.

Here we are discussing a few most exciting childhood differences from then to now. So, let’s get started now,

1. Games in 90’s and 2000’s

In 90’s, kids used to play a lot of outdoor games like cricket, shuttle, kho-kho, lock and key, hide and seek, cut the cake, etc. and make joyful memories with their friends.

games in 90s

In 2000s, kids play mobile games like temple run, candy crush, fruit ninja, PUBG, video games, etc. and becoming inactive for other things.

games in 2000s

2. Making Class Notes Then and Now

Children in the 90’s always attentive and on point in preparing their notes with pencils/ink pen/gel pen/ballpoint pens/ while classes and study hours.

In 2000s, kids are growing without any correct guidance and becoming addicted to the latest technology and asking their friends to mail the notes instead of preparing on their own before studies.

3. Mobile Phones in 90’s and 2000’s

Those days kids are not even seen phones up to their secondary education and for them holding a mobile phone is big deal.

But nowadays, even months babies are using mobile phones for entertainment, and kids are handling and using them maximum time for playing games, chatting with friends, sharing photos and videos in social media apps, and for studying.

kids with mobilephones

4. Hanging out with Friends Then and Now

At 90’s girls won’t step out from their houses for playing, movies, parties, etc. but boys do step out for playing games only within 500 meters from their houses.

Right in this generation, kids are not even listening to their parent’s words, 10-12-year-old kids are hanging out in malls and go for movies alone without any fear.

5. Birthday Gifts to Friends in 90’s & 2000s

90’s People in their childhood gifted their friends Rs. 11 or Rs. 21 in an envelop or chocolates on their birthdays and wishes them with their heart touching lines, love, and affection.

90s birthday gifts for kids

2000s kids plan their friend’s birthday parties and gift them a minimum 500 cost of branded items or accessories.

branded birthday gifts in 2000s

6. Punishments for 90’s and 2000’s Kids

Whenever kids get punishments for silly mistakes they used to not play with their friends in the evening times after their homework.

punishment for kids in 90s

In the 2000s, parents punishing their kids by banning the use of mobile gadgets, tablets, PlayStation, and Xbox for 2 days.

punishment for kids in 2000s

7. Movies From Then to Now

At times of the 90’s, kids are watch movies rarely and then only went for their favorite actors or actress movies like Tollywood actors: NTR, ANR, Chiranjeevi, Bala Krishna, Bollywood Actors – Shah rukh khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan.

90s movies

In the 2000’s, kids love to watch all languages movies like English, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam. Now, mostly their favourite actors are Jim Carrey, Gerard Butler, Robert Downey Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio, etc.

2000s movies

For more differences between 90’s and 2000s, please go through this video and cherish your childhood things now and encourage your kids to enjoy your childhood things by recreating those things with your kids.

Well, there are plenty of things that are different between kids in 90s and 2000s. Stay tune to our site for more difference between then and now in childhood. Also, We would love to know your feelings and changes that you’ve seen like these at your times via the below comment section. However, you can get many exciting and interesting articles like this on our website 

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