Cyber Security: Best Productivity & Security Apps That Protect your Privacy Using Android

Productivity Apps That Protect your Privacy: In these days, most of the productivity apps are developed to support you from protecting your privacy while some complicated stuff is done on your Android devices. Safeguarding your privacy, still, is hardly the most practical.

Accordingly, you may require to utilize apps that are created to secure your data as much as possible, well if they got to forego beneficial features such as tricky computer analysis or cloud syncing. Also, some other apps, you won’t use all the time but you must hardly always be using applications like a Password Manager, VPN, etc.

However, in some areas, third-party apps can add useful layers onto your Android security picture. They’re huge related to proactively safeguarding your accounts & data and lower about fighting off theoretical boogeymen. Just in case, you’re using a company then your privacy will not be in your hands even you’re using these below productivity & security apps. If you wanna save your personal details as secure as possible, utilize your own phone and keep it in a lock mode every time.

Best Productivity Apps That Protect Your Privacy Using Android

So, these all the actions I wanna recommend you because it actually enhances privacy and security on your Android smartphone. Well, let’s get started knowing about the best productivity apps that safeguard your privacy using Android. And I’d really recommend these applications to install for each and every android device.

Manage your Passwords: LastPass Password Manager

One of the safest and best ways to protect your personal accounts is by setting strong passwords. We know memorizing strong passwords for all the different accounts is so difficult. But, it doesn’t mean that you’re not having any other options. Don’t worry, I have the best way to manage your strong passwords i.e., Password Managers. Password Managers can create long & complicated passwords for the users and enters automatically into the websites you visit.

The most famous password manager for Android is LastPass Password Manager. LastPass is a free, simple to use, and effective to securely store your passwords. It allows you to sign in anywhere with a strong password. All you need to perform is provide your fingerprint access and confirm the ID & Passwords you wanna utilize, that’s it. The remaining part will be looked up by LastPass itself.

All of its core features are really free to use. If you need special plans like Family plans, team plans, and enterprise plans to protect your credentials, then pay $48 a year (for six people), $48 per user per year, $72 per user per year, respectively.

Protect your Connection: NordVPN

With the help of a VPN, you can protect your web traffic easily. Once you connect with a VPN, then it will effectively keep your phone-based data transmissions private and safe. Mainly it does fab work when you’re using any public wi-fi networks. After connecting to NordVPN, your traffic will be encrypted so nobody can spy what you’re looking at. NordVPN is the most widely suggested third-party option, gaining strong compliments from privacy guru, Steven J, and some other famous outlets.

Encrypt your Emails: ProtonMail

If you’re very particular about your privacy, then protecting your emails is one of the prominent things you should take care of. In case, you’re curious to know your emails won’t be tapped, then install & use this ProtonMail App on your android devices. It was established by scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). To store your mails safe from snooping eyes, ProtonMail employs an open-source technique of end-to-end encryption.

ProtonMail never asks your personal information and also it won’t maintain any records of IP addresses or anything else linked with your account. Indeed, the employees of their company also couldn’t view or access your mails or messages if they wanna. So, you can keep 100% trust on ProtonMail to encrypt your emails and protect your privacy. I recommend this best security app to all android users to safeguard their privacy.

Turn up your Web Browser Privacy: Brave

Among plenty of browsers who declared to safeguard your privacy, Brave browser is one stood as the best & secured browser out of all. Simply it employs HTTPS all over the place to keep your web traffic encrypted and it hoofs cookies, scripts, pop-ups, ads, and more. It is far better than chrome in terms of flexibility to block third-party data tracking.

At the same time, Brave’s user interface and menu are almost identical from chrome’s, also it has the same History, Bookmarks, Downloads sections but won’t sync with your Google account. Apart from this, you can even use the incognito window to avoid storing your searched data in history. You’ll see all the features that are required to browse along with 100% security. So, Brave Browser is the best productivity app to safeguard your privacy using Android.

Wrapping Up – Best Privacy and Security Apps for Android

The above-mentioned best productivity apps will surely protect your privacy when using Android and keep your data safe from prying eyes. If you are seeking to know how to stay private when using Android devices, then check our previous article and get full knowledge about it within no time. Also, people should be aware of dangerous applications that are located in the marketplace and uninstall them to maintain their data safe and secure.

That’s it! Now, the time starts for you to follow these useful points in order to keep your privacy while using android. I hope this info is enough to know about Best Productivity and Security Apps that protect your privacy using Android phone if you have any queries regarding the same, please feel free to stay in touch with us by commenting or following our website.

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