CBSE Schools to Become ‘Anger-Free Zones’ to Make Students Happy

The CBSE board asks schools to become “Anger-Free Zones or No Anger Zone” where everybody along with teachers, parents, and school administration staff will try to manage their anger to create the school environment happy for students. The effective way to educate children about the value of “freedom from anger” is by creating examples ourselves.

Some of the common changes should be taken into the consideration for making schools an anger free zone contains real smiling face at students and teachers, need to talk with others calmly, not looking at mobiles every time, practicing breathing exercises by all, practicing mindfulness, giving a piece of time to self, etc., said by Mr. Tripathi, Secretary of CBSE board.

The CBSE board announced that this will support the children become mentally active and emotionally healthy thus they would go back home “charged and happy” and may also feel excited to come to school the next day.

The Central Board of Secondary Education, which has released a notice to schools on this topic, said this new initiative is part of its belief on “joyful education and holistic fitness”. Also, The board asks schools to record their experience and publish on social media their attempt to become an anger-free zone, with the hashtag “cbsenoanger”.

“Making our schools anger-free zones will benefit our students in acquiring effective skills and in eradicating emotions like fear, disrespect, humiliation and hurt, which are the by-products of anger,” said by Mr. Tripathi, secretary of CBSE.

The board has informed schools to place a board with the note “This is an Anger-Free Zone” in the reception area and at some other strategic places on their campus.

“Children are the harbingers of change. What they get to learn in the school, will try to educate their parents. Imagine if students inform their parents, that ‘everyone is not allowed to be angry’ in the school”. If this is implemented soon then school and home will change into a happy environment for students.

“Hence, as a part of this initiative, schools need to take up exercises with children to help them reduce their own anger problems and also empower them with devices so that they can support others overcome their anger problems, ” Mr. Tripathi added in the communication report given to all CBSE affiliated schools.

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