5 Basic Safety and Self Defense Hacks for Women

Unfortunately, we’re living in a world where women should aware & learn self-defense hacks than men. I think it would be the worst thing that happened in our world. If you believe that this world is a perfect one, then I must correct you first. If it is perfect, this article wouldn’t have to composed or exists.

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As per the Women’s Self Defense Institute research & survey report, 92% of all sexual assault victims in the US were female in 2005. Above 1 million women are harassed every year in the united states in comparison with almost 4,00,000 men.

This type of statistics is not only in foreign countries but also happening everywhere in the world. It makes sense for people to know some techniques they may utilize to stay safe when traveling alone at nights, because of the increased risky attacks on females. So, there is an even higher need for women to be attentive and reported.

That’s the reason, why I have chosen this topic for today. After doing deep research on this self-defense & safety tips, I came across some useful & potential hacks to protect yourself from dangerous situations. So, go through with this guide and remember all basic 5 Safety & Self Defense Hacks for Women to save yourself from unsafe conditions.

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5 Basic Safety and Self Defense Hacks for Women

Self-defense isn’t about living in dread or prediction of an attack or something else. Self-defense is about getting control of your own security since, miserably, we not anymore live in heaven just yet. Nova Parrish, who is a Brazilian Brooklyn Jiu-Jitsu instructor takes this women’s self-defense both personally and seriously, providing expert tips and demos on how to keep yourself secure and get out of terrible situations. Refer to the below sections for complete details regarding 5 Basic Safety and Self Defense Hacks for Women.

Okay, Let’s start with the first safety and self-defense hack that women should know to protect themselves and escape from that place.

Be Attentive & Use Your Common Sense

One of the best & effective ways to be secure is by avoiding a conflict completely. Attackers never consider all people as equally likely targets, they look for those females who will give them the least problem and the great opportunity to escape. As a result, your best self-defense tactic should not be a simple target.

Pay attention to the things that are going around you and walk tall with a good pose. Avoid using earphones, keep your ears in an active state and listen to every sound and be aware of your surroundings notably after dark. Use your common sense when you’re walking & traveling alone and unfortunately stuck in any dangerous situation. If you react sooner to a potential situation then you will be out easily from that.

Made Visible Decisions

Be attentive while deciding the route to reach your home. You all should take care of yourself while going to the destination point. If you have two options to reach home and confused to make a decision then follow this tip carefully and be safe.

In case, one of your routes is busier with people and having bright lights but adds extra minutes to get home whereas the second route takes less time but it looks like the dark. Then choose the busier route because attackers won’t stick to those areas so it will keep you safe.

Strictly avoid the route where fewer people exist. However, you should be aware of how you walk? Take a broad path nearby corners to stop being surprised.

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Safeguard Yourself at Home

Criminals, as well as thieves, target the single woman who stays in the house alone. Because it makes easy to do anything for them in homes. So, a woman should take some safety precautions & be aware of self-defense tactics when staying at home. All you need is just a doorbell camera and a magnetic door alarm.

These two things will take care of yourself and give you some time to escape from the situation. A doorbell camera seems like a small thing but does big things, it can help you watch who is at the door and what is happening in front of your door from your mobile phone and alert the police right away.

Also, fixing a magnetic door alarm on your front and back doors give you better results when you are sleeping. It wakes you up if someone breaks anything in your home while you are sleeping. I would suggest both of the hacks be considered because they are inexpensive in money and effective in protection. So, follow this self denfence hacks at home and be safe always.

Have a Safety Toolkit

You can’t imagine when a dangerous moment will knock your door. So you should always carry items which will support you at the bad moment. A small whistle to a tiny pepper spray bottle may scare away any potential attacker and alert people that something is wrong happening around them. Therefore, consider carrying a weapon, but remember the fact that any weapon can be used against you by the attacker.

In any situation, personal pepper spray tins are the best option to protect yourself. Just ensure that you should be aware of how to use them perfectly. One best shot of pepper spray in the face of an attacker can give you some time to escape from that place. Hence, this self-defense tactic is also the best way to take good care of yourself.

Learn How to Fight Back? Be a Sport Every Time

If you failed in the first two steps i.e., prevention and toolkit, be prepared and self motivate yourself to fight back with attackers. First of all, know how to fight back in that situation. Also, understand that there is no limit in doing dirty fighting when your life is not safe.

Directly give some strong punches in the face of a criminal. In case, they outstretched their hands and moving forward at you hold their thumb finger and bend it as a Christmas wishbone. After that also, they are proceeding and getting closer to you, hold their shoulders and hit them in the genitals with your knee as hard as you can. Also, shin and eyes are other sensitive areas.

Concentrate on the right target and wait for the right moment to give the best shot and escape from that place as soon as possible. Practice all these fights before you leave the house and also take a self-defense class offered nearby your home. It boosts your confidence and makes you success in the bad times.

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Wrapping Up

Hence, these 5 basic safety and self denfence hacks for women will help you to be safe in any dangerous situation. Don’t forget to be calm and be attentive at any moment. If everything is under your control then no one can hurt you at any time. So, follow these simple Self-defense Tactics and protect yourself and others around you. If you need any help in knowing any of the general information related to health, beauty, security, and more, feel free to contact us by commenting in the below section and we will get back to you soon with proper & quality content.

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