Words of Encouragement for Wife

A wife is the backbone of a home. A husband is the head of the house but it is the wife who keeps the family together. Juggling between being a mother, a wife, and a working woman can be very tiring. A husband and the family at large make a great support system for a wife. Wives can be encouraged through Words of Encouragement or actions.

1. You make a great wife

2. Sometimes people forget to appreciate the small gestures, but they sure do acknowledge

3. Happy people don’t have best things, they make the best of what they have

4. You always have a choice. Just know that choices have consequences.

5. You are a shining star in your life. Keep your stars shinning brighter

6. When people try to break you down, do your best to conquer them.

7. Time wasted is never recovered, make the most of it

8. You are the glue that keeps your family together. Keep doing what you do.

9. Dreams come true. Follow yours

10. Believe in yourself, it is the first step in doing the impossible

11. Identify your talents and make the best of them

Wives have more responsibilities than you can imagine. Words of encouragement mean more and make a huge difference to them. They make a woman feel supported, appreciated, and loved. It keeps the wife going in trying to gets her family the best

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