The Art Of Punctuality

The Art Of Punctuality

One of the most common anxieties known to most of humanity is the feeling that you’re running late. Everyone falls into the trap of being late. some more often than others. Ultimately, we should try and separate punctuality from a strict moral expectation and understand that it is not only an effective, practical way of managing time for the people around you, but an efficient way of getting work done for yourself. So here are a few life hacks that ensure you are more punctual.

Try The Two Minute Rule

This rather simple, ingenious and practical method pioneered by productivity guru David Allen is elegant in its efficiency. If a task will take two minutes or less, do it immediately. If it will take more than two minutes. however, just slap it on your schedule. This trick will help you plan out your day and set calendar reminders accordingly, assuring you can be early to any appointment.

Set Your Watch A Little Fast

Obviously, it’s a lot easier to do this with an analog watch; literally, just wind the dial forward a few minutes. If you have a 2 0’clock appointment and look at your wrist and see that it’s 1:55. you’re going to sprint to that next meeting without a second thought. But in actuality, the time is I or 1:45 so you will be the earliest one in the room.

Do Away With The Snooze Button

How you start your day sets the template for how the rest of your day will go Keeping this in mind, the first few minutes of the day set the tenor of how you can organize your day. Consider it as an appointment that you can’t miss at any cost, don’t take those five extra minutes and try and jump out of bed.

Change The Way You Think

Sometimes the easiest solutions lie in tweaking a deeply ingrained thought process. The simplest maxim is treating others the way you want to be treated and realize that our behaviors affect others.

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