Yoga: The Best Medicine For Emotional Health

Yoga: The Best Medicine For Emotional Health

Been down and depressed lately? A busy week coming up and you’re hit with a depression epcso& like a ton of bricks? Well, you’re not alone. Depression is common among people a lot these days It can be blamed on social media and rr.dta, in general, elevating our expectations of life while constantly being bombarded with ‘ideal versions’ of our peers.

Therapy can help but that’s only when it becomes unbearable and beyond control. Meaning. you can control it from getting worse. There are various technique that contribute to making your mental health better One such technique is yoga Even though Involves physical it has a great effect on your mind. Here’s how!

Unwraps The Present

Yoga poses and stretches allows your mind to everything your body does. It brings you back to the present moment which may otherwise be lost in your th014hts about the future and the past, It allows a deeper appreciation of the here and now This helps in your mind bang able to absorb the present rather than worrying about ‘what ifs’ and ‘should haves.’

Involves Special Techniques

Exhaling longer than inhaling has profound effects on your mind while performing yoga Also, breathing through your nose or nasal breathing has a calming effect your heart. Hence performing longer exhales is great for your stressed-out heart. Also, slowing down the poses and lengthening the transitions from one pose to another is very effective in treating anxiety.

Brings Down Stress

Yoga allows blood circulation to nourish every part of your body including your bran. This brings down your stress levels greatly by improving your brain’s chemical secretions. Especially the feel-good hormones endorphins It also calms you down and makes you feel a lot more relaxed.

Curbs Emotional Side Effects

One Of the major effects of mental illness is stress eating. Our body craves dopamine uncontrollably which is secreted in great quantity when we go straight for junk food, The high calorie food ends up getting stored as dangerous fat further bringing our emotional health and confidence down. helps in stopping these calorific cravings by keeping stress in good control and thereby, hunger too. in check.

Balances Emotional Harmony

Yoga helps you improve control over your emotions. Easy emotions and feelings such as anger, disappointment, and hostility are brought under better control with a sense of deeper understanding. It allows your mind to acknowledge, accept and move on. This particular attitude is what we all need for a healthier lifestyle.

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