5 Ways to Boost Your Mind-Set Mojo

5 Ways to Boost Your Mind-Set Mojo

Learning to embrace the highs and lows of both our professional and personal lives IS all part of life6 experience. Whilst there is no replacement for hard work and perseverance. when it comes to achieving what’s important to us. keeping our mind-set flexible is hugely important.

Given that our mind-set is an evolving set of attitudes. the good news is that we can all learn to do this, even when the going gets tough! In fact, it is in our hands completely. Moreover. when we change our mind-set With an attitude of growth, we can change our pathway in life dramatically. Commit to taking on just one new practice and you will see a tremendous difference in boosting your mind-set mojo. Here are top five methods.

Once you have a clarity of purpose, you will feel more motivated to pursue your goals with greater drive and conviction!


Finding meaning in our lives makes a huge difference to how we feel every day The important thing is to uncover what has real for you. It doesn’t mean that your job has to be your ‘calling’ in life. Reflect upon a time when you felt that an aspect of your work was meaningful – why was that? Whether you were helping others or presenting a new idea. identifying what doves you is the first step to focussing on what’S important every day Once you have this clarity of purpose, you will feel more motivated to pursue your goals With greater drive and conviction.


Every high and low in our life presents an opportunity for personal growth There will always be a learning can take from every situation, no matter how painful it feels at the time. Seeing what went wrong comes more naturally to many of us, as we are generally Wired With a ‘negativity bias,’ However, if we challenge ourselves to look for the positive in even the most challenging situations. we will come through stronger and be able to look forward with a more flexible mind-set.


Fighting against the lows will only nuke you stronger Accept there Will be tough times in life and instead of feeling overcome by them, prepare your mind to accept them. This is not to discount the difficulties you are facing, but to recognize that you can choose how you think and act. Say to yourself: this is tough and that’s ok. This time Will pass. Look for ways that you can improve the situation and let other people help you In particular, keep up practices of well-being such as exercise. meditation and remnants of gratitude to help you deal with the tough times with more resilience.


When faced with a challenge, look for a new way forward. Becoming more optirrüstic is a process that can be learnt. Without optimism. you will never try anything new and are more likely to remain stuck Optimists don’t waste time looking for people or situations to blame. They embrace mistakes for the lessons they can learn by activating a ‘growth mind-set’ as opposed to one that is fixed. They seek solutions and look forward to a future that can be better than the past. Ask yourself the question, What can I do to move forward more positively?


Psychologists have discovered that we feel happiest when our lives combine enjoyment with meaning. Consider your life at the moment – where would you be on a scale of 1-10 on being able to combine enjoyment and in your daily life? What opportunities are there to do more of, what makes you feel alive? Take time each day, even if it’s just 10 minutes to do something you love! Whether it’s enjoying a good cup of coffee or calling a close friend, the good things in life can be nurtured every day.

The 20 Minute Challenge

Take on the 20 minute challenge every day for a week and notice how much more energized you will feel!

5 Mins:
When you wake up, set your intention for what you want to achieve and how you want to feel at the end of the day.

5 Ming:
Take charge of your thoughts for the day Consciously decide that you are going to start the day off with a positive and flexible mind-set.

5 Ming:
Take time out to be more mindful Breathe deeply forcing your stomach, breathing in clarity and calm and breathing out any intruding through. This simple practice can help you step up to your next challenge

5 Ming:
Write down three things that went wd’ at the end of the day This has been proven to improve your well-being dramatically and can also help you to sleep better and strengthen your immune system.

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