Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Low Blood Sugar

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Low Blood Sugar

“A drop in the sugar level in the body may have many consequences that includes disturbed sleep and tiredness, blurred vision, difficulty in performing simple tasks etc”

Drop In Blood Sugar

Sugar plays a major role in a healthy lifestyle, because balanced sugar in your body cells reduce the possibility of diseases related to sugar. Many are of the opinion that that high blood sugar is bad, but low blood sugar is also a serious problem as a drop in sugar from the body cells may lead to unconsciousness and other serious consequences.

Therefore, you need to consult a doctor to get checked and to improve your blood sugar, in case you encounter such a situation. When your blood has less than 70 mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter) glucose, it means you are in a low state of blood sugar.

Diabetes And Low Blood Sugar

Diabetes is known to be more of a lifestyle disease and India has 67 million, Type 2 diabetic patients with another 30 million in the pre-diabetes group. Those who suffer with diabetes take insulin which is nothing but a hormone that helps the cells of the body in getting blood glucose for the purpose of releasing energy.

Doses of insulin help diabetics to reduce the sugar from their blood and in turn it controls diabetes. Some may not believe it. but those who are suffering with diabetes can also experience low blood sugar. And sometimes the reduction in their blood sugar is considerably high, which makes their condition more severe.

The Healthy Range

Those with diabetes need to monitor their blood sugar levels at regular intervals to keep a track of it. They can keep blood sugar levels at a healthy range, by following a healthy lifestyle and by doing regular exercise as a part of their day-to-day life. Also, an aspect of keeping blood sugar levels in a healthy range is by having good timings and balancing when and what to eat, when to exercise and when to take medicines.

Who Are At More Risk?

Excessive alcoholic drinkers and chain smokers who suffer from low blood sugar need attention. They should cut down on the consumption of alcohol as heavy alcohol consumption may cause transient hypoglycemia. Hence, they need to be intensively motivated to give up these habits, not only to heal but to survive too.

Also, anyone who drinks too much alcohol, especially on an empty stomach, has the likelihood of suffering with the symptoms of low blood sugar. Alcohol affects the liver and the liver reduces sugar levels in the blood. Thus, alcohol restricts the ability of the liver to provide sufficient sugar into the blood cells. Diseases like hepatitis and other problems with the liver can also lead to low blood sugar.

Other causes include kidney disorders, anorexia nervosa, a pancreatic tumour, or adrenal gland disorders. All these disorders make blood sugar levels less and can damage overall health. So, the more the consumption of alcoholic and carbonated drinks are reduced, the better it will be for one’s overall health.

Excessive consumption of alcohol may also lead to some life-threating diseases like hepatitis or liver cirrhosis. Therefore, if a person suffers such conditions he/she must stop drinking alcohol to not deteriorate the condition further, as stopping it at the right time may help one to get better, else it could even lead to death.


The doctor will tell you about the possible effects of low blood sugar and will also suggest some medicines which will help to improve sugar levels. A person who is suffering from sweating and shakiness, headache and confusion, should not ignore the symptoms and try to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Other daily life problems like a lack of coordination, chills and clammy skin are common in patients with low blood sugar.

Detecting the problem at its early stage and taking proper treatment is the key to feel better and failure of doing so, may make anyone experience severe problems like loss of consciousness or even death. A drop in the sugar level in the body may have many consequences that includes disturbed sleep and tiredness, blurred vision, difficulty in performing simple tasks etc.

Consulting with a doctor at the right time and taking proper medication to maintain the proper sugar level in the blood stream will keep one safe from suffering any serious outcome. Also, lifestyle changes and avoiding bad habits like smoking and drinking, go a long way in helping one maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

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