Why You Should Eat This Green Nut!

Why You Should Eat This Green Nut!

Pistachios are light green coloured small drupes whose seeds are edible. Well- known as a nut, pistachio has a hard thin shell, which splits when it fully matures. These small nuts are used widely in various kinds of recipes and especially in desserts.

Pistachios have immense nutritional properties but are low in calories compared to other nuts. One ounce of pistachios contains approximately 160 calories and the chief nutrients in this little powerhouse are vitamin B6 and other B vitamins, manganese. iron, copper, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

Pistachio For The Skin

  • The essential oil in pistachio hydrates skin naturally, by regulating the production of sebum
  • Selenium content of pistachio along with vitamin E decreases the chance of skin inflammation and reduces scars
  • Regular intake of pistachio may protects skin from UV radiation as it’s contains powerful antioxidants like vitamin E and vitamin C
  • Vitamin E in pistachio improves skin elasticity by protecting cell membranes and results in delaying ageing of the skin

Pistachio For The Hair

Biotin deficiency Is the major reason for hair loss. Pistachios contain a considerable amount of biotin. Thus, their regular intake may help to combat hair , loss.

The chief nutrients in this little powerhouse are vitamin B6 and other B vitamins, manganese, iron, copper, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium

Properties Benefits
Soin. ai good fat, mono-unsaturated fatty acids like oleic acids Act as a source of essential fatty acids needs of the body Elevates healthy HDL level in the body
High in fibre Helps promote digestion Manages cholesterol (decreases LDL and increases HDL) Controls blood sugar Balances constipation
High in phytosterols Lowers cholesterol absorption and maintains normal level
Lowest calorie nut Good for light snacking
Contains significant amounts of lutein, zeaxanthin, carotenoid and antioxidants Reduce the risk of age related macular degeneration (AMD) and chances of blindess in older people
Vitamin A, vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties Reduces inflammation
High in essential nutrients, good protein and healthy fat Perfect for small quantity healthy snacking that provides satiety. A good option for individuals who want to lose weight.
Low sodium and high potassium content Good for patients with hypertension
High amount of vitamin B6 content Good for proper transmission of nerve impulse. Vitamin B6 builds a myelin sheath around nerve impulse passes from one to another nerve
Source of arginine Arginine increases nitric oxide in the body which prevents arterial wall blockage

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