Why You Should Eat Mustard Greens

Why You Should Eat Mustard Greens

Brasa juncea or mustard greens, also known as Indian mustard, leaf or Chinese mustard are the leaves of the mustard plant. It originates from the Himalayas and has been a part of man culture Apart from its culinary diversity, its health benefits too are endless! Packed With essential nutrients, these mustard greens have all that the body requires.

Mustard Greens For A Healthy Life

Loaded With Immune-Boosting Vitamin C:
Mustard greens are a good source Of vitamin C which is known to develop the Irrmunity and prepare tie body to fight with any ailment.

High In Bone-Building Nutrients:
They are rich sources of calcium and vitamin K. These nutrients nuke the bones strong and reduce the risk of fractures. Vitamin K aids the transport of calcium throughout body.

A Good Ddoxifier:
Mustard greens are known to have cleansing con-pounds that neutralizes heavy toxic metals. increasing the liver’s ability in detoxification, Include it in your green smoothies or add it to your detox water. as these greens cleans your liver and blood from heavy toxins.

Helps In Weight Management:
Fibre is extremely essential for weight management. and as these greens are a rich source of dietary fibre, they help to reduce bad ctøesterol. are gut-friendly and also aid in satiety. Mustard greens are also ideal for weight loss as they are packed with essential nutrients and are low in calories too.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy:
As these greens are a fair source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, they can take you one step Closer in keeping your heart fit. by reducing the bad cholesterol (leading to and improving the HDL (good cholesterol) that protects the heart.

Anti-Inflammatory And Anti- Carcinogenic Properties:
Mustard contains a lot of valuable antioxidants like Hydroxycinnarnic acid (anti-malarial effect), Quercetin (free radical fighter). Isohamnetin (anti-inflammatory compound) and Kaempferol (anti-microbial, heart-protective and neuroprotective effects). These antioxidants protect the body from some life-threatening diseases.

Great For Eyes, Hair, And Skin:
The essential nutrients necessary for eyes, skin and hair like vitamin A, folate, vitamin E. copper and proteins are all present in adequate amounts in mustard greens.

Dietary Recommendation

One cup of cooked mustard greens two. three times a week.

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