Why Meditation Makes You Happier

Why Meditation Makes You Happier

According to a new modern meditation study it has been observed that the practice c/ meditation can help develop a happier brain. Scientific study too has indicated that meditation IS good for health and happiness. Moreover, it has been concluded that meditation may perhaps be used effectively in treating health conditions like heart diseases, arthritis, high blood pressure. diabetes. and moraine headaches.

It has been found that when one meditates. the breathing rato and heart rate is lowered It is also Observed that the blood lactate levels decreases and the alpha activity of the brain increases. whiCh is Sign of deep relaxation! Therefore. meditation helps to stop or slow down excessive thinking, depression and anxiety.

We have set an index for happiness. A few individuals are born With a quality that drives them to happiness. Similarly, there are also those who are prone to accept sufferings, But in reality. nether positive nor negative situations seem to transform a person’s happiness in the long run.

In fact. most people return back to a certain type of a controlled happiness level Within a tew years after largely upsetting events like the death of a spouse. or the loss of limbs- However. With the practice of meditation. people can promote their baseline happiness level, because it is natural that the brain continues to and ts capable of change. All you need to gain the benefits of these practices is commitment and regular practice.

Meditation And Happiness

  • It has been observed that when you meditate, you can get into a state of awareness
  • When you start meditation, you acquire the skill to think Wisely aM rationally In other words, you will be able to unlock sensitive cognitive abilities and consciousness
  • Meditation provides you with the ability to develop a serene calmness which enables you to relax and communicate better in your relationships
  • Meditation can help you to get a restful sleep, improve your memory, develop creativity and also be kinder to others
  • It also haps in minimizing stress and boosts immunity levels which are of utmost importance to lead a happy life

With the practice of meditation, people can promote their baseline happiness level, because it is natural that the brain continues to develop and is capable of change

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