What To Eat When Unhealthy Food Cravings Strike!

What To Eat When Unhealthy Food Cravings Strike!

There are many days when your body just craves some junk food or comfort food. Be it a cheesy pizza or a sugary donut, when the craving hits, it’s very hard to say no. But have you ever wondered why your body is craving this comfort food? It is an indication of the lack of some other important nutrient that is making you want to eat something unhealthy. Instead, you can try a few of these healthy swaps to replenish your nutrient requirements and eat guilt-free too!

Unhealthy Food Cravings And Their Healthy Substitutes

If your mind is going into a frenzy, looking for something cheesy, it’s a sign that your body needs some calcium or healthy fatty acids, To get a healthier alternative, opt for some kale and flax seeds to fill you up. You can try grilling some aubergine and kale to prepare a delicious and wholesome meal.

When you want to binge on all the bread and pasta you can find, it’s a sign that your body needs some chromium. The healthy alternative for this is some eggs and avocado. You can boil two eggs and spread some avocado on the top to prepare a yummy and nutritious snack.

It’s almost always hard to say no to chips that are salty and crispy. But why fall prey to this unhealthy snack? All your body really needs is some chloride. And you’ll get the same satisfaction by eating a few green olives. Make a snack with olives and crackers, or cut up a few more raw veggies to munch on.

So, the next time a comfort food craving hits, try to understand what your body really needs and opt for the healthier substitute instead. This way, you’ll feel less bloated, less unhealthy and a lot less guilty after snack time!

When you need to get that sugar rush, your body is signalling about a lack of sulphur and phosphorous. Try some sweet potato instead, You can bake it or boil it, sprinkle some pepper, salt and paprika and enjoy it to curb sugar cravings.

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