What Is The Purpose Of Your Life?

 What Is The Purpose Of Your Life?

“Until you make peace with your purpose in life, you will never discover fulfilment in your work or contentment with what you have, as purpose defines your contribution to life”

If you are bored with your work and lack energy in your daily life, it Is probably because your work does not move you. Today, more than physical suffering, the world faces a threat of existential neurosIs – a condition where the brain begins to deteriorate and life becomes unbearable because of boredom, owing to a lack of meaning in life, because of an absence of purpose. This creates a vacuum in existence, which often leads to depression and drug addiction.

In case you have not yet aligned your work with your innate talents and passions. It’s time to assist you in making this alignment to enable you to experience lite in the way it should naturally be experienced.

Make Peace With Your Purpose

Each life is an experiment of an individual and each life has a natural reason for being. Purpose, is the reason you were born. It is the dish of lite you relish. It is your natural desire through which you want to taste lite. So until you make peace with your purpose, you will never discover fulfilment in your work or contentment with what you have, as purpose defines your contribution to life. Purpose does not mean winning an Oscar award, or creating world changing inventions. The crux is – you need to feel you matter!

Identify What Your ‘Gift’ Is

Everyone is gifted in some way. (If you deny this fact, it may be because you have never focussed on your strengths: you may be always focussing on your weaknesses.) The truth is that. you could be performing a talent so effortlessly that you forget you have it. In reality, this is exactly what your natural ‘gift’ is. But since it comes so easily to you, you tend to start thinking – ‘this is so easy, it must be easy for everyone!’ And that’s when you underestimate its worth.

To you, a certain mathematical equation could be impossible to comprehend. But if the same was put forth to Einstein, he would solve it before the blink of an eye. So had Einstein taken his natural ‘gift’ for granted, he would probably not have contributed to the world in the way he did!

Utilize Your Creative Talents

Remember, if you are literally working for a living, not enjoying what you do, then even if materialistic success is yours, you will still feel unfulfilled and incomplete. On the other hand, when you use your creative, unique talents to match the needs of your fellow human beings, wealth will flow spontaneously. And ironically, you won’t really bother about that wealth, for when you are doing what you love, you have already been paid back with a gift of enjoying every single moment of your life.

Fulfil Your Unique Purpose

It does not matter who you are and what your age is. If you are breathing, God has not finished with you yet. So, go ahead and fullfil your unique purpose in life. A clearly defined purpose provides meaning, direction and significance from the inside. Your life purpose answers two essential questions – who do you want to be? And what do you want to do? Think and find your LIFE PURPOSE…. Good luck!

Ways To Help You Find Your Purpose

  • Look for a purpose that engages you wholly and completely. It should be something that matters a lot to you
  • Your purpose should be beneficial to the folks who live around you. Get involved in some volunteering work to have a deeper understanding of your purpose
  • The purpose should further your individual growth and accentuate your specific talent
  • Your passion, willingness to serve and talent need to be interrelated to decipher the true purpose of your life. So, join the dots…and then work on it.

Three Steps To Unveil Your Life’s Purpose

  • Get up and be more action oriented
  • Listen to your heart over your head
  • Don’t believe that you can be engaged only in one activity

A daily effort, an action to experiment, to do more, to pave a new path with sincere passion and devotion – is the purpose of your life.

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