Ways To Boost Overall Well-Being

Ways To Boost Overall Well-Being

“Some form of physical activity should be part of your daily routine”

You need to lead a healthy, stress-free life to continue with your contribution to society. And healthy ageing includes both physical and mental well-being. Also, with great advances in health care and improvements in the socioeconomic conditions throughout the world, there is a rapid increase in the need to maintain complete health. Here are a few more important areas you can focus on, to promote your overall well-being.


Many of you lead such busy lives that you neglect eating nutritious food and do not workout enough, which could lead to many health problems. It can lead to under nutrition which further leads to complicated medical conditions. Hence, healthy eating is important to avoid infections, to improve immunity and to maintain muscle mass.

  • A good dietary plan should include small frequent meals, a good breakfast and a light early dinner
  • Daily intake of low tat milk and milk products, protein rich food with three- four servings of fruits and vegetables which will supply micronutrients, minerals and fibre, is a must
  • Special medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac and renal disorders require special nutritional needs
  • Regular intake of nuts, dry fruits, sprouts etc. reduces the incidence of iron, vitamin B 12, calcium and vitamin D deficiencies
  • Avoiding excessive tea or coffee, alcohol and other stimulants is essential
  • Good hydration should be maintained

Physical Fitness

When you are fit, you will be healthy, so some form of physical activity should be part of your daily routine.

  • A good brisk walk, aerobics, and yoga are wonderful
  • Go hiking, trekking or mountaineering to get some exercise
  • Take the stairs at work and at home

Mental Fitness

A fit mind is a fit body. Keeping your mind active slows down the normal ageing process of the brain and dementia can be prevented to some extent.

  • Some tips for a healthy mind include reading extensively, solving crosswords and other puzzles, learning a new language or a new musical instrument, taking up a new hobby like painting etc.

Never forget, that unless you maintain your overall health, you cannot carry out everyday activities to your best ability.

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