Vital Facts & Myths About Fitness For Women

Vital Facts & Myths About Fitness For Women

Being Aware Of Fitness Parameters

Fitness is not about how weak or strong you are, but the right fitness parameters are how much muscle endurance you have and the status of your cardiovascular endurance, Hence, everyone should be aware of these fitness components because once you are aware of these, you can achieve your fitness goals and enhance your personality as well.

Opting For Smaller Meals

Most are of the opinion that eating less and losing weight is a perfect way to get fit. However, In reality no diet plan restricts you from eating 1200 calories every day (if you are a woman) or 1800 calories (if you are a man), that comprises of five-six small meals. Because it you starve your body, it will slow down your metabolism and less food may have a bigger impact on your body weight. Hence, you need to eat the same amount of healthy food, more often to keep your metabolism high.

The Water And Weight Loss Connection

Drinking plenty of water too, plays an important role in weight loss, But everyone does not have to drink a full gallon of water every day, in order to stay healthy. Your intake of water more or less depends upon your body and the diet you consume. You can increase the amount of water intake, If you feel thirsty frequently, or if you notice that your urine is dark.

Some Common Fitness Myths

A Good Workout Needs To Hurt

The notion that a good workout needs to hurt, is a myth and you don’t need to overdo it to reap the benefits of working out, in fact overdoing it, could lead to serious injury. Traditional aerobic training is good for your heart and bums fat. But to derive more benefits from exercising, you need to combine exercise with weight training. By doing so, you shed fat and develop lean muscle at the same time. It also helps you shape up and tone faster.

Heavy Weights Make You Bulky

It’s also a myth that lifting heavy weights makes women bulky and you develop manly looks. On the contrary, it speeds up your metabolism and additionally helps to bum more body fat, because of added muscle gain. It also uses more energy and in turn bums more calories thereby, helping you look more toned.

Biggest Fitness Myths (For Women)

  • You should not workout on an empty stomach
  • You shouldn’t workout every day
  • You should stretch before you work out
  • Crunches are the best for your core
  • Running on a treadmill is as effective as running outside

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