Treating Muscle Tears

Treating Muscle Tears

“Sometimes, muscle tears can burst small blood vessels and cause internal bleeding, making it an injury that should not be ignored”

Muscle tears usually happen during sports activities or when one lifts something heavy. There are muscles tears when muscles attached to a tendon are strained. And though there may not be permanent damage associated with muscle tears, there can still be significant injury that could warrant bed rest. Also, sometimes muscle tears can burst small blood vessels and cause internal bleeding making it an injury that should not be ignored.

The symptoms of muscle strain involves localized pain, weakness at a specific part of the body, bruising, redness etc. Taking care of muscle tears at home should be done carefully and tentatively. And applying heat to the injury is an important part of self-treatment. Heat also helps in lessening the swelling in the affected area. However, it should be remembered that applying heat or cold directly to the skin could be counterproductive. Therefore, protective clothing needs to be set between the affected areas.

Elevating the affected area to a higher degree can also be significantly useful in bringing down the swelling. Physical activities which includes working of the muscles from the traumatised area must also be completely avoided. Ice is a very important anti-inflammatory element that not only significantly decreases the swelling but also brings in an instant sense of relief.

Continuing your regular exercise pattern must also be put in check as it is better to avoid exercising altogether until the muscle tear ¡s completely healed. Also, the use of crutches is a very important aspect of letting muscle tears heal on their own. Overall, muscle tears are injuries that demand complete resting of the body to heal properly. Not following the above mentioned precautions can have adverse effects that could have long-term effects on the body’s movements.

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